Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When we bought the house we currently own about 4 years ago, I went on the hunt for these hangers that could maximize your closet space.
A hunt that ended with me empty handed.

You see, I had 4 of these plastic doo-hickeys that held 4 garments, then dropped down to take the space of only 1 garment.

Some Background:
I am a completely OCD housekeeper (ok, so my OCD's extend beyond just housekeeping...) and like things to look "just so".
That said, you now understand why my wardrobe is hung only on (the same) wooden hangers, is colorized from light to dark, is placed by style and genre, and on and on my absurdities go.

So, now 4 years and two closets later, I am "a little" tight on space.
Ok, so more than a little.
And yes, that is with me swapping out clothing seasonally!
I have a walk in attic that is filled with tubs of clothing that are "not in season".

Then I saw the infomercial for the "Wonder Hanger".
Which so happens to be the exact item I hunted for (to no avail) four years ago!
Imagine my delight!

However, as I have never ordered from an tv commercial, I did not order them.
And when I unpacked all the fall and winter clothing...
Let's just say space was at a premium.

Then I spotted the Wonder Hangers for sale while out buying the kids their school supplies.
I snatched up 4 boxes along with their #2 pencils and three ring binders with a delight I find hard to explain.

I spent the rest of that particular afternoon putting them into my closets.
And when I stepped back to admire my handiwork...I didn't love it.

See for yourself:

The good news?
I have more space.
The bad news?
You can't use them on dresses or pants or anything long because then the items will drag on the ground.
What I like the best?
I have more space.
What I like the least?
They are so ugly and um, plastic-e!


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