Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day Out, Not Night Out

All week I received email upon email about Fashion's Night Out.
Bergdorf's,Neiman's,Vogue and all the specialty retailers with NYC flagships bombarded my inbox with tempting offers.
The company I work for,who also has a flagship store in NYC was having a huge event as well.
I listened as one of the young ladies who works for me part time while going to school in the city, told me where she was going after class that night.

Everything I read and heard just brought on the most melancholy of moods.
Because dear friends, instead of hobnobbing with celebrities, shopping for fabulous accoutrement's,and enjoying a night out on the town, I was rubbing elbows with a first grader and a freshman.
Rubbing elbows while I helped them with their homework.
Rubbing elbows whilst I placed their dinner plates in front of them.
Instead of here:

I was here:

Home in the 'burbs.

But don't feel too sorry for me...on two accounts.
1. I have been a mom for too long now (15 years exactly) and would rather be with them than Victoria Beckham (who was to be at Bergdorf's).
2. I took the opportunity of being on vacation from work this week (and a monsoon of rain yesterday) to unpack all my fall/winter clothing and pack up all the summer.

Swapping out clothes is like Christmas in the sense that there are items I am not necessarily "feeling" from year to year, but hang on to anyway.
Then when I am "feeling" them again...
Well, it is pretty exhilarating!

For instance, the BCBG pinstriped tuxedo jacket I almost consigned last year,but thought the better of it.
Whew...glad I did!
To see all my boots again was a happy reunion indeed.
Last year I replaced alot of shoes and boots that had seen their day.
Before I ever thought I would be doing this whole not shopping thing.

Yesterday, I tried on every single pair of pants and skirt I own.
(Yes, it took all day!)
I made a pile of stuff to consign (or ebay) that didn't make me (or my ass) look fabulous.
Made another pile of stuff that I still like, just don't foresee myself wearing this season.
Lesson learned from tuxedo jacket!

And now...
I am off to NYC for a day out.
Not a night out.
(With the kids of course!)

I'll be the one sadly rambling around the tents of Fashion Week!
Has it really been only 12 days of this?

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