Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

I already wrote this week about how I am living in my boyfriend jeans for the past two weeks.
And they remain tops on my list.
The other couple of things I have been loving this week,

This blue slouchy bag I bought a few years back and neglect every time I get obsessed with something new.
But I always find it again, and it becomes a faithful standby.

I have been living in my leopard ballerinas lately.

And denim,denim,denim.
Today I am wearing my BCBG Tuxedo jacket I rediscovered last week, with gray skinny jeans and black slingbacks.

And underneath it all, you ask?
Why a tshirt that feels so "right now" and a little pearly jewels to take down the menswear thing a notch.

Tomorrow we have a soiree to attend in the later afternoon (and after I work all morning), so I chose something that will do for work, and still be comfortable (and look great for after work!)

A nice slim bootcut with a classic white button up, gray sweater vest, and my favorite fall shoe that I wear giraffe slingbacks.

I'll snazz it up with some gold accessories

a few bracelets,a nice drop earring and my monogrammed gold band that I inherited from my maternal grandmother's side. (It is monogrammed with the initial of her maiden name).

Excited about the weekend...only because of my clothes...well, our soiree is exciting to think about too!

I would love to hear what the things you've been loving this week are...
Do tell!


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