Saturday, September 26, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

I am coming off a crazy little stretch...
Of life and career combined...
But a deep breath, a nice glass of wine...
And I am ready (a little late) to talk about Friday favorites.

This week, I really didn't go crazy over any particular clothing items.
Except for this jacket, I've had for about a year and a half.

I pulled it out to wear this weekend...
It has this amazing little pleat in the back

that almost makes the jacket look like it is swinging.
I remember when I bought it, seeing a Gucci that looked remarkably similar.
It is in this textured weave that adds so much dimension to otherwise, really plain ivory.
Makes me think of Jackie O or Coco...
The button are an ivory and silver enamel.
It looked great paired with slim black ankle pants (...the LBP!) and pink and black ballet flats.
I wore a black and white striped button up underneath to add some visual interest.
My little ensemble added up to a "new" found fave!

I must mention that I have been carrying around a bag almost daily that is neither glamorous, nor stylish.
I have been lugging it around for function, not fashion, which is so unlike me.

But here it I said, not glamorous...but I've been using it to lug around two of my other favorites of the past week...

the latest issues of Vogue and Bazaar.

I have been toting them around (in my reusable bag) to read voraciously whenever I get a spare moment (and if you have kids and work full time you know that that is nearly impossible at times).
But I will eventually savor every article, drool over the photos, and hopefully be inspired to put together some great looks.

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