Saturday, September 19, 2009

friday favoritess!

im sorry im a day late, but i guess thats what you get
when you work retail and close on a friday night..

alrightyyy here is my favorite look of the week:

while eleanor cannot live without her boyfriend...boyfriends jeans of course!
i am LoViNg my skinnys!

i wore them the other day, rolled up so they were ankle length
with a flowy white button-up and a beige braided cloth belt.
paired it with my FaVoRiTe banana republic gold metalic wedges

my gold flower ring, dangling gold chain hoops with ivory circles
and a gold floral bangle

this week i'm thinking its time to bring out
my mustard yellow hobo bag
and tweed newsboy hats =)
I <3 fall fashion
until my next blog...
layer it up!
Steph <3>

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