Wednesday, September 2, 2009

is it really ONLY our second day????

sooo i am not going to lie...this is going to be alot harder then i thought.
i tried so hard to stock up on anything i could get my hands on but for some reason,
nothing seemed to catch my attention =(
and now i cant stop thinking about it and what i wish i had bought...
like the pair of grey ruffle suede ankle booties that were just NOT in my budget last week.

how freaking cute are these? perhaps a birthday present? hint hint

on my next day off i will be ripping apart my closest and going through my fall/winter bins, hopefully my mind is just playing games and i find lots of goodies...
if not, well then it's off to Eleanor and Angela's closet =)

pictures soon, i promise!
<3 Steph

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  1. really love this!! i think i saw a similar pair at steve madden.

    nice blog ill follow :d


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