Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Otherwise known as:
The Little Black Pant

You know you have a pair.
Every woman does.
That trusty black pant that when in doubt, you pull it out.

Last week I got an email from JCrew about their Minnie pant.
A slim leg, ankle pant that gave me lust at first sight.
My initial reaction was,"Oh my god, I want a pair!"
Then I remembered that I am supposed to be shopping my closet,not JCrew, and started thinking about my existing wardrobe.
That's when I remembered I already have my own version of their Minnie pant.
A slim leg, ankle pant that putting on made me fall in love all over again.
In fact, I tried them on and kept them on for the remainder of the day.

So, it got me to thinking, about how essential the LBP is to women.
And how, without even realizing it, we all have one.
The definition of what out LBP looks like may change from season to season.
I have a pair of wide leg, mid rise, with a side zip.
Another pair that is a high waisted, with a really wide leg.
And of course another that has a straight leg, front zip, and pockets.

Like a loyal companion, they hang in my closet, waiting for me to be interested in them once again.
Because this season, all I can think about is slim, slim, slim and ankle, ankle, ankle.

Today I wore my current favorite LBP

With a plain, classic, oxford shirt (Banana) and my strappy gold heels (Banana).
I wore a big, bauble bracelet (JCrew) so I kept the rest of my jewelry simple.
Just my monogram ring and some big gold hoops in my ears.

My renewed passion for these pants makes me want to rendezvous with them some more.
Maybe it's time for a break from my boyfriend...

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