Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Signature

Without even trying, I have a few things that are my trademarks.
Of fashion, that is.

I always find it amusing to here people's "take" on me.
Certain things I always favor, the things that your friends tell you are you.

For instance, I am known for loving button up shirts.
Men's, women's, hell, I even fit in a nice Ralph Lauren striped button up that my son Liam outgrew a year or two ago.
The white button up...I have about a million.

And I wear them incessantly.
Layered, tucked in, untucked, open with a tshirt underneath...the possibilities are endless...oh, and the collar? I always pop it up!

Today, for instance, I wore a pair of my boyfriend jeans (I know, AGAIN!)
(Do remember, that I am not buying anything new...besides the fact I already admitted my obsession!)

I bought a brown military style sweater (NY&Co) back in August that I paired with a red and white striped button up (Limited). A big woven gold belt (JCrew) and a pair of red and gold paisley mules (Cole Haan) that are starting to near the end of their life...and frankly, I don't know how I will live without them!
As I popped that collar up today...I thought about my love of the button up and how I have a whole closet of just them.

Another signature?
My perfume.
About 3 years ago, I started wearing a perfume that I knew I would love for the rest of my life. And as long as it is manufactured.
There's something nice about having a "Signature" scent.
Something that inherently makes people think of you whenever they catch a whiff.
A scent that someday my children will smell somewhere and think of me.
Can't help it...
My scent, you ask?
Chanel Mademoiselle.
LOVE it.

Last but not least, I have 3 pieces of jewelry besides my wedding rings that I wear almost daily.
A signature thing too, if you will.
My Tiffany charm bracelet, a silver Anne Klein watch I got forever ago (I wear them together on the same wrist). And my Tiffany silver mesh ring.
Always on my right hand ring finger.
Watch and bracelet on right hand wrist.

With a flourish...
A little embellishment...
My signature.


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