Monday, September 21, 2009


Today was a jacket wearing day.
A little cute cropped jacket wearing day to be precise.
Paired with a slim bootcut denim and a pair of Tahari peeptoes.
In red patent leather, of course.

You know, I am not feeling like this is an insurmountable task anymore.
And I feel like I am being way more creative with my ensembles, mixing and matching more.
Those red Tahari peeptoes are old!
I mean, I have had them forever!
And do I wear them much?
No, honestly maybe twice a year.

But in my attempts to stick to this plan, I am bringing more things out of the closet that have been sitting there for ages.I truly love these things, but am always getting something newer and more exciting to wear, so why bother?

Take for instance this Banana Republic bag I carried today.

Loving it with my outfit.
Bought it a lifetime ago.
Use it?
I almost embarrassed to say.

Is it a killer to spend all day poring over the newest merchandise hitting stores?
Of course.
Am I lusting over a cable knit poncho that only barely covers the shoulder and would look fab with a button up underneath and a great wide leg trouser?
When I popped into JCrew the other day and salivated over their ruffle blouses in stripes, solids, and in a glorious array of shades?
You bet.

So while it has been a daily struggle to do this, I am doing it, and not finding it entirely painful.

Talk to me again when my new Vogue comes.


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