Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The air was crisp.
The sky was the shade of blue that lets you know cooler days are just ahead.
I was up and out the door watching the sun rise as I drove into work this morning.
That bright and golden light that takes it sweet time on mornings like this.
Ahhh...I love fall.

And what says fall better than tweed? it what you will, but I will always be a sucker for tweed.

Last night as I was rummaging through the closets (shopping them, if you will) I pulled out this tweed blazer I bought in the fall of 2005.
At Target if you can believe that.
It is an Isaac Mizrahi piece, and I actually bought ballerina flats the same day that were also Isaac and a similar brown tweed as my blazer.

I knew today was the perfect day to wear it.

I paired it with a pair of olive green slouchy trousers and a ruffle collared blouse that has a floral "burn out" print.
And one of my favorite accessories of all time.

My mustard yellow, embossed leather Coach satchel.
It has got to be 6 or 7 years old now.
Maybe older.
It was a huge purchase for me....
And quite possibly the closest I may ever come to the Birkin bag I dream of.
(I'll expand on that another time...)
I have had people offer to buy that bag from me on the street.
I adore it.

Isn't it sooooo pretty?
And it truly goes with almost everything....

I wore a cute little dangle earring to "girl" it up a bit...and one of my favorite rings:

A pearl cluster.

I love menswear
I love tweed
and if I wasn't shopping the closet, I might have never worn that blazer again....

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