Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's Old Is New Again

Nothing exciting went on here today.
I was off from work again today and just bummed around in army green cargo pants with a drawstring bottom (usually worn to work,mid calf with heels, a pin striped blazer and tshirt) and a black short sleeve turtleneck (with big puffy exaggerated sleeves,from Limited a few years back). I just wore leopard ballerina flats with it.
By 4 o'clock when I knew I wasn't going anywhere else today, I was in yoga pants and a long sleeve tshirt.
The weather here has been nice and cool.
Which is good since I am tiring of shorts and flip flops.

In fact today I was sorting through my two closets of summer clothes and came across this dress I got for $1 at a vintage shop.
The dress in it's current state evoked an:
"Oh my God Mom, that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! Get rid of that!"
from my first grader.
But actually,if it is shortened,belted,and paired with my black leather Coach boots,I think it will look great!
It is unmarked, and frankly, looks as if someone made it(with lots of TLC)and just so happens to fit me perfectly.
And since it was already in my closet...alterations don't count.
And I have something "new" to wear this fall.
Sometimes I am too clever for my own good....


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