Saturday, September 12, 2009

where did summer go? did it even come?!?

those who know me know that i AbSoLuEtLy
love summer and DREED winter.
lets just say sun makes me happy
no sun makes me a major grump

but this week felt like a good change..i can deal with fall weather
(it means my birthday is coming!)
& i must say i put together some really cute outfits too

see for yourself....


*remember my last blog...i mentioned this outfit*

skinny jeans, white tee, cropped tan trench, high brown boots, chunky necklace and flower ring

I LOVED IT(10 second timer made it a little appoligizes)


plaid tunic from New York & Company, i accented the pink in the shirt

with a pink scarf, paired it with high boots; super trendy and super comfortable


i got this tunic from The Limited, not supposed to be a dress

but since im short i can get away with it =)

i paired it with black tights and roundtoed black leather shoes.

bought it a size bigger so that i can wear it off the shoulders and blouse it over


..tomorrow is supposed to be 80 again! YESSS!!
hello sunshine and banana boat tanning oil ;)

until my next blog...soak up the sun while it lasts

<3 Steph

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