Monday, October 19, 2009

Follow Protocol and Avoid The Faux Pas

I was in VA yesterday for my cousins wedding.
I solved the afternoon / early evening protocol dilemma by wearing this:

With the Tessa shoes of course.

The woman in charge of the reception from the facility actually stopped me and told me she wanted to paint her living room in the colors I was wearing.
I'll take that as a compliment!

I spent a quiet day here at home today and took my new ballerina flats out for a spin

I paired them with my boyfriend jeans, a Max Studio turtleneck in black and a camel scarf from-who-knows-where-I've-had-it-for-so-long.

And a really exciting day for me.
Tomorrow is the reason I have been dashing around the house this evening trying on clothing...carrying fistfuls of random necklaces...digging through my jewelry boxes...texting Angela pics of myself...

Why the chaos?

Because tomorrow is the day I go into Manhattan and preview the Spring 2010 line with my boss's boss!

Exciting, right?

However, there is unwritten protocol about trips into our corporate offices or to meetings.

You should be dressed in "brand".

Along with that comes the very high risk of the faux pas...since there are only so many items our company designs at one time.
Trust me...I have been to many meetings where multiple people are wearing the exact same thing.

How uncomfortable!

My method to avoid having myself in that situation, is to wear something our company has designed in such a way that if someone else is wearing it I still stand out.

Not that I am looking to stick out in the crowd...don't get me wrong...I did that in my youth when I had green hair that stuck up in the air...

I've been debating about a couple things to wear tomorrow.
Our company made a fabulous boyfriend blazer this season.
I paired it with a pink satin pleated mini, black tights and my herringbone peeptoes.
It was a great outfit if I was looking to channel Britney Spears in "Oops I did it again".

But since I'm turning 36 in a few short weeks, I decided to pass on that look.

I picked up this floral pencil skirt at work the other day when Angela and I were discussing what I should and could wear.

I have always liked it...but I realized the other day that it would look great with my new peeptoes!

So the final decision is the skirt with black opaque tights,the peeptoes and a fitted black turtleneck sweater.
I need a nice chunky necklace and narrowed it down to two choices, and still not sure which one will make the cut.

When my hair is done and I am dressed I will make the final decision.

I am carrying my favorite black bag.

It will be a really early morning, but it will be totally worth it!

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