Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Favorites & Some Halloween Nonsense

This morning I had my first duties of the year as 1st Grade Class mom.
I didn't really feel like dressing "Halloween-y" and after my co-class mom emailed me this morning to say she was sick and sending hubby in her place, I knew I was wearing "regular" clothes.

Well, regular to me, different to most everyone else in the burbs of Jersey who only wear velour track suits and Uggs.

Striped tee from Limited, destroyed boyfriend jeans from NY & Company, pink and black ballerinas from Aigner.

I love those shoes!
I bought them like 5 or 6 years ago...
A faithful standby that goes with almost everything!

After the class party this morning,

I had about 2 hours to spare before my always starving freshman would arrive home looking for food.
I decided to hit some of my local thrift shops.
Sometimes I get this little inkling about finding something and today was one of those days.
There is a little thrift store right by my local Habitat for Humanity resale store.
I have been in there before, saw some Michael Kors pieces, Dana Buchman, nothing too exciting.
In fact, I never bought anything there.

Until today, when I followed my gut and scored the mother load.

Well, what I hope was the mother load!

The LV bag was marked at $20.
The Dooney at $15.

Yes I am serious.

The strap is cracking a bit on the LV, so the lady took it down to $10 for me.

Yes I am serious

I also found a great camel colored wool blazer

I have been googling LV tonight trying to authenticate the LV.

So far, all signs point to yes!

The Dooney is real, that one was easy to tell.

I decided since this was shaping up to be a great day for thrifting, that I would hit one more.

And I was not disappointed.

I got this Izod button down in a great blue plaid.

This taupe wool "riding" jacket.

It is an old Sassoon set. It came with a great knee length wool skirt I think I will take up just above the knee.

A handwoven Madras plaid blazer.

(Which is real hot with my striped tee, huh?)

I will save it for spring and summer.

And a pair of wool slim leg ankle pants.

That will look amazing with ankle boots and my orange wool bucket hat from JCrew!

All of it cost me $11.50.

Yes I am serious.

We wrapped up the day with some trick or treating

Me and the Queen of the Bees!

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