Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Favorites

This week I am completely in love with my tuxedo cardigan.
In fact, I am going to wear it today.

With a sheer, black and white ruffle front blouse underneath.
Look at the awesome lapel on this cardigan...

It is satin.
And beautiful...
And just right to either dress up with girlie frills and flounce or to simply wear with a tshirt and jeans (like I did the other day).
There are two front pockets and some great buttons on the cuffs.

I am pairing it with a pair of satin harem pants.

Which also count as a Friday fave because I have 3 versions of this pant and love them all to death.
I have a soft gray pair that I bought a size too big, but the look great cinched high on the waist with a belt.
A plain black properly fitting pair that look amazing with my Michael Kors shoes

Hell, almost everything looks good with those shoes!

I have been loving these pants with my boyfriend blazer, and lots of girly, frilly tops.
I am wearing the satin pair today with a belt I dug out of the archives of my closet.

They work well for me because anything with a slim leg that lands on my ankle is very flattering on my 5'2 frame.
And I don't have to get them hemmed.

It looks eerily close to something I would have worn when I looked like, uh, a punk rocker in my younger days.
I actually probably wore something similar to this around my neck as well.
I love the edge it brings to an otherwise very feminine ensemble.
The leather is in a pewter tone.

I have also been on a huge pearl kick lately.
I am loving strands upon strands all piled on and layered up.

I wore this one yesterday.
I love how the pearls are layered with some stones and sparkles.
Pearls and frills...I guess I am exploring my feminine side...

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