Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday Favorites

I went into work on Thursday to find one of the greatest perks of my job.
A friends and family coupon for all the Nine West Companies.
30% off regular prices and 20% off sale.

Did the clouds just part and the angels start singing?

I have been asking the ladies at the Bandolino in the mall when they would be having friends and family, because I remember them having it at around this time last year.
Every time I asked, no one could say.
And then, voila, coupons just miraculously appeared.


So, I decided to talk about my love for Bandolino brand shoes this week. Mostly because they really are a favorite of mine.
I mean, price wise they cannot be beat.
They make fun and fashion forward shoes, yet more practical and functional than some other brands.

At last years event, I bought my giraffe slingbacks that I wear constantly.

They are in calf hair, so I save them for the colder weather.
I am a huge fan of the 4" heel, and last year I replaced a pair of BCBG black slingbacks with an identical Bandolino pair. I bought an additional pair in camel as well.
This year I scored big.
I snatched up the Tessa heel as soon as I stepped a foot in the store

And will be wearing them to a wedding tomorrow with this dress I bought at JCrew last year

And a beautiful blue pashmina (to keep me warm since the weather went from indian summer to winter in like 30 seconds).

I couldn't help myself but grab the Jenkins flat in red tartan

while I was there.
I am a sucker for plaid.
And since it can go with almost everything - quickly justified!

Friday afternoon, Angela went to Bandolino and bought 2 pairs and then another pair at Nine West.
An adorable teal sude heel with cut outs and a nice rounded toe.
So feminine and sweet...the teal will be so easy to work with almost any outfit...with a pair of tights....
Let's just say that I was a little jealous.

The first moment I got I ran over to Nine West. I tried on a black and white herringbone mary jane with a 3" heel.
But at $79, I was feeling a tad guilty since I splurged.
So I walked out and headed back down to Bandolino.
I looked around and around and then spotted this:

The Gordon in herringbone with patent trim and a cute little peep toe.

It was love at first sight.

And they cost me about $25 less than the mary jane would have been.

And besides...don't ankle straps make your legs look fatter anyway?


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