Sunday, October 25, 2009

Incredibly Absent

I had such a crazy week!
And I was totally under the weather all week as well.

I snapped a few pics Wednesday morning before we left.

I love wearing the drawstring cargo pants up just above the ankle.
They look great like that with a heel.
I snapped a pic of my cutie the day of her school pictures.

She looked like a poster child for Crewcuts!

After Wednesday, it was all down hill.
There were no pictures for Thursday and Friday.
No time for Friday favorites this week.
Although I have been wearing the hell out of those herringbone peep toes!

I had to return the pink floral headband to JCrew.

My daughter said it was so big, she was afraid she would get made fun of.
How sad is that?
Although I personally think that half the kids I see at her school look like slobs and wouldn't know what is cute if it hit them in the face, I understand where she is coming from.
And think it is sad for a 1st grader to worry about things like that.

I scored big at Loft this week.
I am not a Loft shopper, but I stopped in one with my boss this week on our way back from lunch.
I got a pair of paper bag waisted slim leg ankle pants in gray, and another pair of slim ankle pants in a gray and black plaid.
For $9.88 a pair.
Impressive, huh?

I got a gray long sweater vest that will look great with leggings and my black knee high Coach boots.
For only $14.99 marked down from $49.99.
Not too shabby...

I got an email today from JCrew about the anniversary of one their stores in Fresno,Ca.
There was a coupon attached.
Which, is like gold to me, since they never, ever give coupons.
But my excitement was short lived, since in the fine print it said you could only use it at the store in Fresno.
What a let down!

This week I promise to be a better blogger.
And with extra 15% discount at work this week...a damn good shopper to boot!

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