Monday, October 26, 2009

shoe heaven

so, i as well splurged when Bandolino & Nine West were having friends and family event last week.
3 pairs to be exact...i couldnt help myself!
ahhh, and it felt so good that i didnt have to spend any of my money....why you may ask?

BiRtHdAy MoNeY!!
made it taste even better =)

check them out:

i love leopard!

classic black...every girl needs a pair!

IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! i had to have them!

Next Mission:
i am in desperate search for black leather high boots! easy right? WRONG!
i have what i call "calfels"
i have a VERY hard time finding boots that my calfs fit into!
my friends laugh, and so do i.
i'm built like a fire hydrient, as matt would say =)
strong and thick on the bottom .
getting a little too thick if ya ask me, its time to head back to the
spinning classes and my butt in shape. but thats another story....
anyway...things that i am LOVING right now are hats and sweater scarves!
i have my eye on two or three hats at my store. newsboy hats and the slouchy knit ones.
and with my extra discount this week, i think i
might get suckered into them.
and the sweater scarves..has anyone seen them?
they can be worn 3 or 4 different ways according to the Limited.
Very cute and versatile. hmmm, i believe i have a coupon?
who was i kidding..i AM a shopoholic but a good one!
i'm a bargain shopaholic. never pay full on the hunt down for
good prices ALWAYS. no matter what.
aren't you proud of me babe?

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