Saturday, October 3, 2009

a simple t-shirt dress that looks oh so good

sooo this week i whipped out my 3 quarter sleeve t-shirt dresses from old navy,
all three of them to be exact: green, navy blue, and white and taupe stripe.
did i mention that i only paid $4.48 for them!! yes thats right.. only $4 for each dress!
i told you i was a bargain shopper!
is there a career for that?

i have been wearing them all week longgg...layering them up and looking super cute =)

i love dresses
tan sweater is also from Old Navy ($12.00), and long gold necklace from
New York & Company ($4.99)

denim jean jacket($9.99) and winter white scarf($5.99) from New York and Company

tan sweater cardigan from Aeropostale($16.99), yellow and white gold mutli-chain
necklace from New York and Company($4.99)

and what shoes? my brown boots of course! they match EvErYtHiNg and i find myself
wearing them at least 3/4 times a week =)
boots from Spring Shoes ($90.00)
if only they were a liitle more comfortable =/
but who cares? fashion before comfort, right?
------------------------------------------------- next project is my birthday outfit!
i already got my hair done...yes i went more blonde
hey! everyone is going darker for fall, so why would i also?
i will be turning 23 on friday...oh boy
next thing i know, ill be turning 30
...sorry ang... dont worry its a beautiful thing
until my next blog...
get your candles ready ;)

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