Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today is a dreary, wet day.

Where the leaves cling wearily to the gutters outside the house.

Indoors, the closets are silent.
They know I will not be perusing them today.
The jewelry boxes will stay closed...my wedding rings are the only adornment I will wear.

I long to curl up on the sofa and pore through books.

The books I loved as a child and collect as a grown up.

I was a voracious reader when I was young.
I pored through our library almost weekly...carrying my finds home in large shopping bags where I would devour them all in a matter of hours.

My favorites were by Lois Lenski.

She wrote and illustrated her own books.
And illustrated the books of many others.

Oh, how I would lose myself in her drawings!

It is hard to put into words how they impacted me.
Their beauty.
Their simplicity.

She wrote many books about girls much like myself.
Girls who lived in different times...
And different places.

Sadly, Lois died when I was barely a year old.

She penned an autobiography while she living.

So many of the questions I have had were answered.

I cannot help but wish I had known her.

If just for the smallest amount of time.

Is it strange to feel such a draw to one which you never met?

is the kind of day where I think on these things.

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