Monday, October 5, 2009

Wedding Blues

I have a wedding to attend this month in Virginia, to which I am going alone.
It is out of state and on a Sunday, so it is easier for me to drive down to VA on Sunday morning, attend the wedding, stay at my sisters and drive home first thing Monday morning.

Logistics worked out, I started thinking about what I would wear.
I thought I would whip out this one shoulder LBD I wore to a wedding in August.

The dress is almost 10 years old and a total classic.
And I am very proud of the fact that it still looks great on me!

Just when I thought it was all settled...
It dawned on me that the wedding is at 2pm with reception immediately following.
2pm means that an LBD will not work!
At least in my book...

All my "wedding" dresses are cocktail dresses better suited to evening.
And I don't know about you, but it is bothersome to me when people are dressed inappropriately for an occasion.

Especially a special occasion.

Like, for instance, I went to a wedding almost 15 years ago in a gazebo by the beach.
The couple was young, and starting out with very little financially, so they had a nice little backyard reception at the bride's parents home.
Lovely, right?
I wore a nice summer dress with a little shrug over it.
The bride's older sister?
Wore shorts and a tshirt!

I shudder just remembering.

So back to my debacle, I will not be that person...overdressed...or undressed.

In my mind, I see myself wearing a a beautiful,flowy, chiffon halter top...maybe with some fabric rosettes at the neck....a hot pair of tight cigarette pants....
and a gorgeous pair of heels....something satin, strappy, with a little embellishment on them....

But in reality I am actually going to continue to Shop The Closet!
Even though I found the a fore mentioned halter top at the Limited today.

I am feeling like my camel colored dress from JCrew may do the trick.
I have a pair of camel and white spectator heels to wear with it....if it is really cold out, I could layer a crisp white button up under the dress, which is short sleeved with a nice round wide neck.

But I am still undecided...
I am going to see what kind of magic I can rummage up here...

In the meantime, I whipped out an oldie but goodie for today at work.

This cute plaid blazer, with a slim tan ankle pant and a pair of cute tan slingbacks.
I almost gave it away last year, but I thought the better of it and held onto it.
And after the compliments I got today...
Glad I did!

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