Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Week Thus Far

If I thought the past few days were busy...then I better brace myself for the next week.
I worked all weekend long.
Emphasis on the word long.

I wore this to work on Sunday.
The pants are a winter white slim ankle pant that I live in all fall and winter.
I love crisp "true" whites in the summer, and love to switch off to the warmer whites once cooler weather hits.
The riding boots I bought last year while searching for flat boots.
(I am such a heel girl that I did not own any flat boots at all!)
I love these so much that I bought them in this saddle color brown and in black as well.
The top is a floral tank with little rosettes.
I love the detail of this top.

Everything I was wearing is from NY & Company.
Who knew...?

Monday I was back to work again.

I wore this argyle cardigan from JCrew with a blue and white pin striped Ralph Lauren Polo button up I stole from my son.
Actually, he didn't want it anyway, so I guess that really isn't stealing.
Unfortunately, it is a little big on me and thus too bulky under the cardigan.
I paired them with wide leg tweed pants from Limited.

I love mixing stripes and argyles...the tweed added nice texture...but my shirt kept coming untucked and the bulkiness made me feel somewhat uncomfortable.
And I got 3 compliments from strangers, which was nice...however, they all looked somewhat questionable.
So, I didn't know if I should be flattered or alarmed?

I was off yesterday and today as well.
Tuesday I took a ride to my favorite shopping destination.
A small, outdoor lifestyle center that, as urban legend has it, was one of the first ones built here in the US.
It is home to Banana, JCrew, Anthro, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, amongst others.
It is seriously my happy place.
And to go it alone?
It was truly "fall" like here yesterday and I felt inclined to wear a hat.

This black,wool hat from NY & Company.
I adore hats...but they you have to commit to them since your hair looks like crap when you take them off.
I was in such a hat mood that I bought this:

from JCrew.
As modeled by my daughter.
But meant for me.

Yes! I bought myself something!
I admit I have cracked...but there are some changes coming here anyway, since Steph closed on a house last week as well, and now she and Angela are both up to their elbows in paint and spackle and all that nonsense.
I will expand on this later.

Back to JCrew...
This particular one also carries Crewcuts.

And I bought my daughter this:

And this:

Oh, and this:

All on sale - in fact, the gray headband was only $4.99!
A steal if you ask me!

Today I wore yet another hat since I didn't feel like washing my hair and had a little hat head from yesterday:

I paired it with a mustard yellow crew neck sweater from JCrew and my brown riding boots.

and jeans of course!

And the best part of the week thus far?
My boss's boss called me yesterday and asked me to go preview our company's Spring 2010 line at the buy review.
Wow - this woman is in charge of hundreds of stores for one of this nation's leading womens apparel companies....and she said she thought of me!!!!!
My excitement is hard to put into words.


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