Monday, November 9, 2009

And She Scores!

Boy did I ever!

I went thrifting this afternoon with my sister in law, Meghan and my gorgeous 2 month old neice Vera.

After the major bounty I scored on my last trip, I didn't expect a repeat performance.

Especially since it is Monday, and the majority of thrift and consignment shops around here are closed Mondays.

But I made out big time and Meghan did too.

Two wool tweed dresses from Gap that are in brand new condition, they are labeled Gap Premium (?)and are in my size.

Timeless and will look amazing with boots this winter.

A tunic top

With great detail

That I will wear with leggings (since I have finally dared) and my Black leather Coach boots.

These gorgeous earrings that were under $5!

I am loving these!!!

And then on our way to the register to pay, I spotted this:

I pulled it out of the rack to laugh about it...but when I took a closer heart skipped a beat and I think I fell in love.

I looked at my sister in law and said "Call me crazy, but I think I love this sweater!"

She nodded in agreement. "It's actually really cute!" she agreed.

Very, I repeat very 80's, and I will cut out the shoulder pads for sure...but with oh, let's say my destroyed boyfriend jeans (haha) looks fab.

I got home and just as I was getting ready to go pick the kids up from school, I got a delivery.

As it turns out, I was chosen as an Outstanding Achiever of the Year for the women's specialty apparel company I work for.

Well I'll be damned!

Today has turned out to be a very nice day!


  1. That first tweed dress is adorable, and your sweater is so awesome. I bought a crazy 80's sweater this weekend too. Crazy knit sweaters are basically my favourite article of clothing.

  2. Thanks Becca! I have a mad passion for that decade and almost feel guilty cutting those shoulder pads it's no longer authentically 80's...yay for your crazy 80's sweater!


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