Thursday, November 19, 2009

a cloudy day

i would have loved to sleep in but instead i got woken up by
my crying doberman who didnt want to be put in his crate as
my brother was leaving for work.

doberman...75 pounds of pure crazyness
this dog is the silliest most playful dog ever
never a growl, only a kiss and a hug
a little too hyper at times for me
and my two little doggies begging to go outside:
teacup maltese...7 pounds of nastyness
dont let this cute face fool you, he can be quite grumpy

shitzu...10 pounds of pure sweetness
he's the "apple of our eyes"

so i rolled out of bed and put on my new FAVORITE outfit

VERY pink fuzzy robe from target
and my knitted slippers from Charlotte Russe
i sipped my coffee and watched Regis and Kelly..
oh how i love mornings
and began to think about what to wear to work later...
i guess a pink robe isn't business casual attire?

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