Tuesday, November 3, 2009

get it right, get it tight

Nov. 1 is a start of a new year for me.
its time to feel good and take care of myself.
it means going back to the gym...no matter how tired i am from holiday retail hours,
(ughhhh please dont remind me)
i am dedicated to FEELING good for the holidays and a new year.
feeling good with body image, being positive, and energetic.

not so much a matter of what the scale says, i could actually care less.
but i do not want to wake up one morning and say to myslef "what the hell happened"
i do suffer from what they call Seasonal Depression...i HATE the winter, i hate being cold
i hate it being dark. and lets face it, when you work retail during holiday, it doesnt quite feel like the holidays anymore, I need an outlet again.

life got the best of me a few months ago, i had way too much going on and i stopped
my everyday routine and dedication to the gym. you know what else stopped?
my drive, my positivity, my energy. i started to turn into debbie downer.

yes, i am a 23 year old, and no, i am not by any means "fat"
(i am confident enough to say that)
i am a freaking size 4 and an xs/s...but i could be a little less "squishy" as i call it
are there things that i do not want to change about myself? yup! my chest and butt!

but Lets face it, every girl has an image of themselves,
how they want to look, how they want people to see them.
and im just not there.

and its time that i stop staring at myself and being unhappy and just

my new saying: GeT iT rIgHt, GeT iT TiGhT.

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