Saturday, November 21, 2009

Give A Girl A Pair Of Leggings And There Is No Stopping Her Now...

After seeing all the "loot" that Sweet Tea in Seattle (another of my favorite bloggers!)found during the Ann Taylor Loft friends and family sale, I decided that I must go check it out.

I'm not a huge Loft fan, I really don't go in there often at all...but I admit I have scored there over the past few years.

On Thursday I went in and coincidentally was wearing a Loft sweater and pants.

I was shocked at all the gorgeous stuff I encountered as soon as I walked in...I could easily see how Sweet Tea in Seattle found so much!

I loved the Rosette cardi, but as it is short sleeves and I am always freezing as it is, I had to pass...maybe in Spring or summer...but to layer it would take away from it.

I saw a rolling rack with cowl neck tunic sweaters marked at $29.99 (then the 30% discount) and snatched one in an "oatmeal" color. I bought a medium so it would be more dresslike on me.

I found a pleated collar button up on final sale for $14.88 and yes! that still applies to friends and family!

And I bought a brown pheasant feather headband as well, when I looked at my receipt, the headband ended up being the most expensive item I purchased as the cowl rang up for $10 and change (!!!???) how that happened....I will not question just "Thanks you have a nice day too!)

I couldn't wait to wear the cowl neck, so I did so yesterday:

I felt a little sad when Angela asked why I was wearing black leggings with an oatmeal colored sweater and saddle brown suede Coach boots....
But the leggings were actually chocolate brown, and matched the lacing around the top of my boots!

When I asked her why she thought I would dare wear black with so much brown, she said she "didn't know anymore" and I am still waiting for her to clarify.... ;)

I know I have stepped outside of the box lately....for a girl who refused to have anything to do with leggings for so long, I am going a little overboard lately!

As I count it, 1:



and yesterday being 4 times in a week that I wore them!

I must sign off is "Early Thanksgiving" in this home and I have a 21 lb turkey to cook and 10 people to feed later!

As an older sister to two wonderful brothers, who have a wife and long term girlfriend respectively, I decided that we will do Thanksgiving a few days in advance from here forward so I do not get the shaft for "in-laws" (kidding).
We all know boys go where their wives / girlfriends want to go (I mean, my hubby does!) so Early Thanksgiving prevents anyone from having to choose.

Kind of like the "best of both worlds" if you will...

Tomorrow I will tell you about a great Ebay find that arrived, and share my:

"Oh JCrew, why do you tempt and taunt me so?" issue I had yesterday!

Ta-ta till then!



  1. Hey, if you did wear black leggings with brown, that would be okay. At least that is what i tell myself when i do it!!! Great sweater! Oh no, I must have missed that...back to the Loft I go!!!!
    Have a great early Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. Ditto on the sweater! I must go back to ATL and see if it's still available!

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. At the price it was, that sweater would be worth buying in multiple colors!


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