Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Today is the birthday of an absolutely incredible woman.

a year in a half ago, i was on an interview for assistant manager when i meet Eleanor.
i thought it was just going to be a job, i was going to have co-workers and a new career.

what i didnt know was that the woman interviewing me, my future "boss", would become someone i hold so close to my heart.

She was my mentor, my guide, and my strength. She pushed me when i thought i couldnt go anymore, she opened my eyes, and gave me confidence to pursue my dreams.
She has never doubted me, never looked down.

You rarely meet people these days, that truely put others in front of themselves, but eleanor is one.

i couldnt aprreciate her more, who she is and how she strives to be better.
i cannot say that Eleanor is still my "boss",
but i can say that Eleanor is my friend, my support, and the person i count on for guidance,
and for that i am FOREVER grateful!

Happy Birthday Eleanor, you deserve the best!

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  1. Seriously the nicest things anyone could ever say...
    Thank you so much Little Peanut!
    Love you!!!!


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