Sunday, November 22, 2009

If You Thought I Just Liked Dressing Myself, Think Again...

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving early.

Early Thanksgiving I have named it.

No one has to make decisions on who they want to be with, it provides an opportunity for my family to be together on one of my favorite holidays.

And if you think I only like dressing myself...

I have a little problem called "Pottery Barn" so I try to cut corners and buy grocery store flowers and arrange them myself. For $20...not too shabby,eh?

I made way too much food (as usual) and we had a blast just being together.

(me and my brother we call BFF and my niece,Vera)

(Vera is the first child of any of my siblings and I totally hog her from everyone!)

I wore a new JCrew top that arrived this week. My husband wanted to order a new shirt and pants from them with the insider 20% off of 150 they just ran.

Too bad his pants and shirt didn't hit the 150, so I padded the order to help him out. (heehee)

It's the Organza Sash Tissue Tank in shore pink.

I figured it would go with these ballerinas I cannot stop wearing...and it did.

I bought the small, and it was quite roomy.

The XS would probably have been ok.

Today my daughter had a birthday party to go to.

I have never met this little girl's parents, so of course I had to be dressed.

I wore my destroyed boyfriends, the ruffle button up I scored at ATL for $10, my sequin cardi and of course the pink ballerinas.

I wanted to wear this JCrew hat

in a shore pink color, but my daughter looked at me horrified and said:

"What are you doing Mom? It is not even raining outside and you have that dumb hat on?"

Ahhh, too bad for you little one as I bought the same hat in this color as well:

Because that is what happens when I go into JCrew to pay my bill (cha ching rewards!)

I am tempted by wool hats for only $9.99...
Ballerina flats miss marked at $59.99...

And considering I bought the bucket hat in October at full ticket, (which are still attached) I will be returning it tomorrow for a refund since I rebought the $9.99 one!

Why do they tempt and taunt me so????

Oh, and I promised to show you a great Ebay find I scored for $8.99 (pre shipping)

It is a vintage oversized sheer (not too sheer) button up that I cannot wait to wear with leggings and a little jacket over top...

Sometimes being only 5'2 is a blessing....helloooooo Shirtdress!!!!



  1. Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful! I share the PB problem. Sometimes it spills over to William Sonoma, too. Especially during the holidays!

  2. Tell me about it...I should really buy their stock!


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