Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Day Frenzy

Why is it that on the last day of, oh let's say, a Friends and Family coupon to Gap brands that I feel like I am going to miss out on something fantastic?

Even though I have gone in the store once a day, every day since Thursday?

I roam about, eyes scrutinizing, looking for that little treasure I (for some reason unknown to myself) fear I will miss?

Is this an illness?

I do it at work all the time too when they give us our extra 15% discount.

Which adds up to a cool 55% off (including any promotions) for us.

The last day I always feel some weird sort of panic that I am forgetting something.

Am I the only one who gets like this?

So, today, I strolled through Gap, Gap Kids, and even Gap Baby (because I have a gorgeous niece now!)

I skipped Banana because I had already checked them out (twice, just in case!) but I really can't seem to find anything I love (or am willing to pay their ticket for) anymore.

Banana kind of sucks to be honest.

And Old Navy?

No thanks.

That place scares me.

It is always jammed with people,messy,and makes me feel like I am buying clothing at BJ's or Costco or whatever wholesale club you may know.


I am more of a boutique type of shopper, the only digging I do is while thrifting, but hell, that really is like a treasure hunt!

Today I wore:

a gray ruffle v-neck sweater tunic, leggings, and doubled up some necklaces.

I've been lazily twisting my hair into buns and wearing headbands again this past week.

Long stretch at work = easy way out hairdos!

My camera battery died after this one pic, but I wore these ballerina flats:

I can't wait to share my other F&F Gap treasures...but I will unveil them as I wear them!

Sweater tunic and leggings: NY & Company, ballerina flats: Etienne Aigner, pendant necklaces: Limited


  1. I am the exact same way!!!! I have to go back several times to a store when I have a coupon until it expires. I think it's because I've been burned in the past. When I received my J.Crew red card this past spring, I was there all the time and made a mad dash the last day of the promotion at night to make sure I didnt' miss anything. Whew, it makes me feel good to know I'm not the only one like this!

  2. I get like that too... but I try not to pull the trigger. :)



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