Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Current Love Affair

My current love affair is with winter shorts.

I bought a black tweed pair from Gap a few weeks ago and wore them as soon as I received them.

When their Friends and Family started Thursday, I went in on my lunch to check it out.
I spotted a pair of my shorts in a sale rack for 50% less than I paid a week or two ago!
Heart racing, I dug through their sale pit for my size.
To no avail.

With a heavy heart, I gave up the search and started browsing.
And that's when I spotted a full size run in both the black and the brown on the bottom tier of a table.


I snatched up the elusive brown pair and marched happily up to the register.
And proceeded to pay $40.00 less for them than I did last time.

I guess that's what happens when you don't want to risk missing out on your size.

Of course I wore them today

I paired them with chocolate brown tights, little brown suede booties, a brown turtleneck, some long strands of pearls, and a cowl neck scarf.

I bought the cowl neck scarf and then returned it.

Then I re-bought it.

And now I love it too.

Shorts: Gap, tights and turtleneck: Limited, suede booties: F21,cowl scarf in cream:NY&Company, pearl necklaces: thrifted


  1. I just love that look! I have the F&F coupon and it's really tempting...i'm less than 10 min. away from my're really tempting me!

  2. I hope you went, beause they are a total steal with that coupon!


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