Saturday, November 28, 2009


Seriously I am pooped.

And I think I am getting too old to deal with this Black Friday / Christmas nonsense.

As I have mentioned, maybe without mentioning, I work in Women's Specialty Apparel Retail.

For a company with over 600 stores nationwide.

And some in Dubai to boot.

Pretty snazzy,eh?

Well, the company decided to run a "Black Friday" promo to reel the customers in.

And reel them in they did.

I spent almost 13 hours yesterday providing crowd control.

Pushing goods to the floor and keeping the register lines organized and expedited.

Oh, and I did it again today too.

Now as I soak my feet in Epsom Salt and drink wine, I wonder:

"Am I getting too old for this crap?"

There was no time for cute outfits, in fact, we have a "dress code" of sorts for holiday.

And I do not love it.

Our dress code is sweaters.

That we sell.

And even though I jazzed mine up with a skinny zebra belt, it is still not something I would bother photographing.

Besides the fact that getting dressed in said outfits at 3 and 4 am does not make me want to take photos either.


Yes, I adore fashion.

And yes, I love working in this business.

And yes, this weekend has seriously kicked my ass.

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  1. Oh no!! I worked retail for the holidays one holiday season at Restoration Hardware-truth be told-for the 40%off furniture perk. People are CRAZY! I can't imagine 13 hours of it in just one day!!! But as a consumer, I appreciate the crowd control and friendly customer service. Being on your end for just one holiday season makes me appreciate all the hard work you do!! Take care of yourself!


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