Monday, November 16, 2009

Wanting, Not Needing

I already shared how I frantically scoured the Gap all weekend for some amazing item that my wardrobe could no longer live without.

And I thought I found it.

On Thursday when I bought my wool shorts, I spotted the Ruffle Plaid Shirt.

I stared at it...carried it around....put it back....picked it back up....stared at it some more....well, you get the idea.

Then I said to myself:

"Self, you have to stop shopping so much! You weren't supposed to be shopping at all until after the new year, and just look at you! You are out of control!"

Just when the other customers started to stare at the strange woman scolding herself, I decided I didn't need it and left it behind.

But oh, my friends, the power of want is far superior over the power of need!

Lord knows I didn't need that plaid shirt, but I wanted it so bad I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I dreamed all Thursday night of what I would wear with it, a sure fire sign that it must be mine!

And on Friday I bought it.

On my way to the register I saw a pinstripe oxford sticking out of the sale pit.

I am a sucker for menswear button ups.

It was a men's size small grayish blue and white stripe marked down to a cool $17.97.

And then the 30% Friends and Family!

I loved the idea of the oversize,boyfriend look it would give, and I am always drawn to the classics.

So of course I made it mine as well.

This morning I tried on my plaid ruffle shirt.

To my absolute horror it was the most ill fitting shirt I have ever bought.

Sniff sniff

I bought a medium, when I am really a xs/small in tops, only because it looked super fitted and I wanted a more relaxed look from it.

It was very relaxed and loose everywhere but the sleeves, which felt like I was having my blood pressure taken all the way from my wrists to my shoulders.


The pinstripe on the other hand, was a total score!

Quite oversized, I wore it to work today:

I wore it unbuttoned almost the whole way down with a white cami underneath, layered strands and strands of dainty silver chains, and topped it with a ikat scarf. I wore gray a pleat front slim leg trouser and my pink ballerinas.

I was really loving my ensemble, adjusting myself in the mirror this morning when my 7 year old came walking by and said:

"Oh my god Mom! You totally look like a boy!"

Yay for menswear?

Shirt: Gap (obviously), pants: Ann Taylor Loft, necklaces: Lia Sophia and NY and Company, scarf: Charlotte Russe, shoes: well, I've been wearing them so much I'm sure you remember by now!

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