Sunday, December 6, 2009


I came home from work late on Saturday and had all intentions of taking and posting a pic of my take on dress code.

But I didn't get to.

Because I got busted.

By my husband.

For abusing my credit cards.

Not really very recently...I have been using cash...but when you use don't have as much on hand to pay down/off your credit cards bills.



Vicious cycle and I got caught smack in the middle of it.

Actually, I came up with the idea for this blog because I recognized that I needed to STOP SHOPPING.

But I sucked at doing that.

And now I am on punishment until they are under control again.

All my cards other than my debit are in hubby's possession.

Sniff sniff.

It's those damn store cards that get me. perks here and there.

And working in retail and spending at least 8 hours a day in different malls across the state is a killer.

One mall has a killer JCrew sale section...

Another houses amazing high end retailers...and Pottery Barn (squeal!)

And so on and so on.

I'm not making any excuses for myself.

I know I am bad at self control when it comes to clothing....

I just don't know if I can be permanently fixed.

And that's my problem.

I try different methods of rationale when shopping.

I try not to buy if I cannot think of an outfit for the item at that moment.

I try not to buy if I....

Well, I don't try hard at all to be honest.

But at least I am really good at returning!

I am such an impulse shopper, that if I haven't ripped the tags right off and worn it, I will return it within 2 weeks.

Sometimes it's the bargains I see that kill me the most.

Especially when I can recognize the value in the sale price.

Like, for instance, JCrew jackets for under $50 that sell at $200+.

How is a girl to help herself?

When work offers me 55% off any regular and promotional priced merchandise...what am I to do?!?!?

My husband wisely said to me this morning "Paying only $10 for something isn't a bargain when you do it 7 times a week."

Oh, and he had another good one.

"Just because other stores have friends and family doesn't mean you have to buy something that day!"

And see....I thought it did!


  1. First off, love the new banner!!! Cute! I feel your pain. I love a good sale too!!! If I can make it one day w/o buying something it's like a victory! Um trying to "shop my closet", too, but sometimes find that a blouse I
    have would look so much better with a new skirt!
    You can make it. Keep shopping your closet and you'll feel better at the end of the month with $$ in your wallet.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Do you think my husband meant thrift shopping too? That's cash only!! (wink wink)

  3. I kind of recognize myself in this post. And reading all the blogs out there is very enabling as well, right?

    Thrift shopping doesn't count. (wink back)


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