Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas Miracle

Once upon a time, in a land that is known as the Garden State, lived a girl who loved to shop until she dropped.

This girl needed to go Christmas shopping for the 5 lovely managers that work for her.

She wasn't sure what she wanted to get for them so she headed into her local JCrew store.

She shopped in there so much that she has befriended all the employees, and immediately asked them for their help.

They started showing this thoughtful gal all of the new markdown jewelry they had in stock.

What a wonderful surprise!

There were necklaces for $24.99, earrings for only $ was a treasure trove of good bargains!

She sifted through all these treats and selected a few pieces that she knew her team would love.

An indecision about earrings led the young woman to buy an extra she was undecided to whom they would go, but they were such a great bargain she could not pass them up.

A few nights later she sat in the glow of Christmas lights under her tree and wrapped the gifts.

She hesitated when she came to the two pairs of earrings.

She knew that her one manager would adore the one pair...but there was a slight problem.

She adored them too!

After much hemming and hawing, she decided to keep the more beautiful pair for herself and give away the others.

Yes, she felt a little twinge of guilt, but she liked the lovely feeling of knowing these beautiful earrings were hers much more than the guilty feeling.

She really isn't always this selfish!

When she woke to blizzard the following morning, she headed outside to shovel the snow at an ungodly 5 in the morning.

She shoveled and she shoveled until she cleared enough to get her car out of her driveway and commute to work.

When she arrived an hour and half later she discovered a dreadful sight.

One of those lovely earrings she had lovingly placed in her ear that morning was missing!

Her heart broke into a million pieces....and she couldn't help but wonder if it was a form of "punishment" for her greediness.

She lamented this loss for days and days...and even tried to chalk it up to "learning how unimportant "things" are"...but no matter how many life lessons she tried to extract from the situation, she was still devastated.

She came home from work two days ago to a driving rain.

Imagine her surprise to see that all the snow had melted!

A little piece of her wondered if her earring was somewhere in her yard where she had shoveled and shoveled.

The following morning she woke to a gorgeous sunny day, and with no more snow on the ground asked her husband to join her for a walk.

She headed outside to wait for him, and lo and behold...glistening in the grass on the edge of her driveway was a delightful surprise!

It was her earring!

It had been in a snow bank...and fortunately hadn't washed away in the rain!

What a Christmas Miracle!

And what has she learned?

That stuff is not as important as the happiness of others....

And that she made the right choice when someone said to her today:

"My goodness those earrings are just gorgeous!!!"

She smiled brightly.

"Aren't they?"


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  2. What a wonderful Christmas story. I shall remember it for all holidays to come!

    BTW, $9.99!?!?!?!? GORGEOUS earrings. How lucky that you found it after the snow melted. A true sign they were meant to be for YOU!

  3. I agree, what a wonderful story! And it also sounds like something that could totally happen to me! :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. It sort of warms the heart, eh?

    Happy New Year Everyone!


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