Thursday, December 3, 2009

day off

after a long, and i repeat a long, work week.. i finally have a day off to myself.
what to do?

easy! my "To Do" list just keeps getting longer and longer..nothing major just
lots of little things like:

-get car washed
-go to Napa (my windshield got a knick in it)
-buy fruits and veggies
-buy vitamins
-go to target
-go to post office
-bake cookies

see what i mean?
ughhhh why do my days off never feel like a rested day?

on a good note...i have a hair appointment today =)
hmm to go blonde or brunette? im constantly changing my hair color
i mean come on, its only hair, you cant have the same color forever...boringgggg

and i also get to see angela and eleanor!
Eleanor invited us over for dinner...cant wait to see her!

so Ta Ta for now,
i will post pics of my hair and our dinner tomorrow!

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