Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Over...Almost!

I am laying here on the couch, laptop on, well, my lap.

Snuggled under a huge fleece blanket with fresh cup of coffee settled nicely in my tummy...

Basking in the fact that I have today off...and tomorrow too...and officially have another "holiday season" under my belt.

I have worked retail since I was 15 and got my very first job ever in a clothing store.

McDonald's (my mom made me apply) called the same day as a local clothing store did...ummmm...let me think for a second...ummmm,no thanks Mickey D's...I'll pick clothes!

And my future, though unbeknownst to me at the time, was set.

I have always worked in apparel, except for a brief stint with a furniture/interior design company (fun, and helllooooo 40% off furnishings!!!) and then apparel beckoned me back.

Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with my job.

I love clothing (duh) and enjoy being around it 24/7.

I love maintaining the visual aesthetics of a specialty store.

I love that I am invited into NYC by the company I work for to do cool things like attend buy reviews, be a part of meetings as a rep from "the field" etc.

That being said:

I hate customers with no sense of personal accountability (what do you mean my receipt expires?), manners (screaming to you while you are clearly helping someone else),who think they are owed something (don't even get me started)or are miserable sods shopping for gifts that they are putting no thought or care into whatsoever (like a man last night who flat out told me "I could give a crap less if she likes this or not" nice,eh?)

I hate dealing with HR related nonsense (which sadly is 75% of my job in my position)and that is why I love Toby from The Office so much. I empathize with him.

And sometimes I hate how much physical labor and time my job requires from my life.

Especially at this time of year.

I had to work late last night...late meaning to 1am...home by 2am.

But I loved my OOTD yesterday soooo much that it sort of compensated for my exhaustion, mental fraility and near delirium.

I stopped at TJ Maxx the other night to browse for some gifts and saw this beautiful maize colored scarf by Jones New York that I just had to ummm...a Christmas gift for me???

For $12.99 I didn't feel that guilty!

I paired it with this awesome vintage earrings I scored thrifting a month or so ago.

The warmth of the scarf really called for gold jewelry, don't you think?

And big, chunky bracelets...

The other day I popped into ATL while they were running the extra 30% off sale and picked up these navy blue, wool trousers for only $20.99!

Lined and wool and petite so I don't have to have them altered for $20?!?!?

Now that's what I am talking about!

(Please excuse random vacuum laying behind me...I squeeze in cleaning whenever possible this time of year!)

I wore taupe Enzo Angiolini boots and my blouse is a cute top I scored at NY & Company a few years back.

And to top it all off?

Snuggly fur coat, anyone???

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  1. Great outfit! I can how looking that good helps make the day better! People ARE aweful sometimes. I worked retail one holiday at Restoration Hardware (yes--for the discount!) and the day after christmas someone brought in their receipt and wanted a price adjustment on their ORNAMENTS! I mean, come on! I'm all for price adjustments but really!?! on a $5 ornament?! people!!! I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round! Happy Holidays and here's the health and happiness in the New Year!


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