Friday, December 11, 2009

Planning Ahead

I have to go into work at 2pm today.

And I am scheduled to work til 12am.

That is if all goes smoothly and we are done by then.

On Saturday I have to be back in at 9am, and since I commute 45 minutes each way, it does not afford me a lot of time for sleeping, showering, dressing, etc.

So this morning I am prepping myself for today, tomorrow, and tomorrow night - because I am being picked up at work and going out on the town with some friends and hopefully family too.

Since today is dress code cardigan day again (ugh) I grabbed said sweater and paired it with a sequin tee in black.

Nothing exciting on bottom, just a black pleated skirt, patterned tights and my Coach knee high boots in black.

I prepped Saturday's work outfit as well.

Another lovely cardigan (ugh again)

paired with an ivory JCrew ruffle top, black wide leg trousers and some leopard heels should do the trick.

Now to the fun part....

My going out outfit.

And I knew exactly what I wanted to wear.

Top: vintage, Jeans: Limited, Jewelry ans silver rope belt: Ny&Company, Booties: Style & Co.

I actually put the top back at my new favorite thrift store that brings donations to my town from NYC (another quick squeal of delight) to buy my fur coat:

I popped in there quickly on Tuesday before my hair appointment and guess what was still there waiting for me to buy it?


You guessed it.

Check out the detail on this top -

The sleeves are sheer with a satin lined cuff.

If I had to give a description to the design on the shirt I would call it "lurex teardrops" the lurex looks as if it is embroidered.

It is a vintage size 8 which easily means a comfy 4.

The price?

Only $10 for a truly one of a kind - "I can't wait to go out in you" piece and that my friends, to me,

Is priceless.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I always feel more relaxed when I have outfits planned out. You picked some good ones!

    Have a fun evening out Saturday. You'll deserve it after all the works hours it sounds like you'll be putting in. Oh joy, the holidays!


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