Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Playing Hookie

I think I am going to let my kids play "hookie" tomorrow.

Sometimes I just like to keep them home for a day to do something fun.

And since the weather here has been "iffy" since last week (loads of rain and a little snow) we haven't gotten our tree yet.

We take the kids to a you-cut farm where we mosey around acres and acres of Christmas Trees

(tree hunting 2008) for the perfect one...

(tree searching 2008)

watch Daddy chop it down...

(tree chopping 2008)

then drink hot spiced cider while it is strapped to the top of our car.

Just because time is starting to tick doesn't mean that I will have them lose that tradition.

So, hubby is taking them Saturday morning while I am at work (sadly and tearful that I will miss it!) and while I am off on Sunday we will decorate it.

But Sunday was supposed to be our annual trip into NYC for Christmas with the kids.

And I don't want to miss that tradition!

So tomorrow, I will drive the kids into NYC by myself...visit Rockefeller Center and try to take the "money" shot pic of my kids there...

(last year-money shot with no smile! GRRRR!)

look at all the amazing windows at Bergdorf,Cartier and Saks...let my son go to the underground Apple daughter to American some lunch...load up bags of candy at Dylan's Candy Bar...and all in all have a magical day in the most magical city at Christmas time!

I can't wait!

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