Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Self Restraint, Please

I just returned from the supermarket after a heavy duty should get me through the holiday kind of food shopping.

I then spent about 1/2 an hour googling Hanukkah,Los Posadas, Kwanzaa and Divali for my daughter's Christmas / International Holiday extravaganza next Tuesday that I am solely responsible for organizing and pulling off.

Christmas cookie baking was supposed to engulf this whole day off since I don't get another one until next Tuesday, but I can't help but wonder if there is a little treasure waiting for me at one of my local thrift stores.

And while I know I need absolutely nothing new, or have a few hours to tool around scrounging through racks....I can't help but feel like I am missing something!


I need some serious intervention here people!

I want a new treasure!

Yesterday I wore one of my recent thrifted finds

The 80's Sassoon jacket I found in October.

I paired it with winter white velvet jeans from Limited a few years back, a wool sweater vest in burnt orange by Mercer & Madison, brown suede Coach boots, and a brass and tortoise shell necklace from Ny & Company.

I love this jacket because it is so fitted. The heathered wool is timeless and easily mixes and matches with almost anything.

I tried to take a picture of these cute earrings (also from NY&Co) but I don't think you can see them, can you?


Sorry about that...they are a small brass and burnt orange chandelier.

And look at that hair!

I cannot style it pin straight like Tracy, my hairdresser can.

I have blown it out twice now myself, and both times I have not been pleased with the results.

Or maybe I am just cranky because I am trying not to shop.

Maybe that is it....

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