Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today I did something I probably shouldn't have.

No, I didn't wear leggings again!

I took my new fur coat for a whirl today since I was off and had some errands to run.

Unfortunately, it has been a bone of contention in this house as I wrote about in my other blog, From A Brookside, which is really about my life as a mom and wife and all the fun things that go along with it.

I love my fur coat...

Isn't it adorable???

Too bad my daughter doesn't agree...

Underneath my jacket I was wearing a sheer plaid tunic layered with a JCrew Perfect Fit tee.

I scored the tunic, which was a redline at NY&Company for only $7.99 + 20% off coupon for like $6.39!!!


And look I wore jeans today!

Just a plain low rise bootcut tucked into tan riding boots.

I need to run out this evening and wrap up some last minute details.

Can't wait to snuggle into that coat again!

This time, I'll leave my daughter home so I don't traumatize her!


  1. that tunic is super cute (esp. for the price!!!- i need to go to ny&co more....)

  2. wow! That tunic is cute! is is from this fall? It looks like one I tried on and really liked. I'll kick myself if it is and I missed out on a super duper deal like that.
    I love your fur coat!!! It looks cozy and warm.

  3. The tunic was from early fall that's why it is redlined now!

    That fur coat is possibly the warmest thing I own - perfect since we are experiencing Arctic weather here in NJ!


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