Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Truly Gifted

I posted about Christmas morning, but never mentioned any of the "goodies" I received.

Santa was actually very good to me, even after my whole credit card debacle.

Under my tree I found this:

I can't believe my husband got this for me...he must have looked on the computer to see some of the blogs I read...but how cool! He didn't know I follow the Sartorialist.

Squee! Double Squee!

I wanted this Chanel moisturizer in the worst way....but never thought my husband would actually ever buy moisturizer that could cost that much money! Too bad I will never be able to use anything else ever again lest my skin turn into the Crypt Keeper's...or at least that is what I will tell him when the jar is empty!

I have never owned Uggs...and really hadn't thought about wanting or needing them.
These arrived under my tree in the form of Ugg slippers that were exchanged for these boots.
And no, I will never tuck my pants into them, unless I am running out to the mailbox and my pant leg gets stuck as I throw them on.

I also got WII Active, as I am a big fan of WII Fit, it made sense that hubby would upgrade me.
However, I am happy with my WII Fit and as I upgraded my slippers to boots, I returned the WII Active.

Another time maybe.

There were 3 movies under the tree for me. The Dark Crystal (total childhood fave!), Sixteen Candles (I love you Jake Ryan!!!) and The Secret of Roan Inish (an amazing Irish film - and I adore everything that has hailed from Ireland with the exception of Colin Farell because he is yucky and probably pretending to be Irish anyway).

And my stocking?

A big bottle of Hendrick's Gin!

My stocking usually contains some kind of booze...

Our first Christmas together my husband filled my stocking to overflowing with airplane size bottles of alcohol.

It was truly the coolest stocking EVER!

Not because I have a drinking issue...alcohol is simply one of the most practical gifts - and nothing is cuter than little sweet baby bottles.

I am a gin girl and have mentioned that I want to try Hendrick's but am scared I won't like it as much as Bombay Sapphire.

So this was SWEET!

Although I made out like a bandit, even though I have been somewhat naughty, the best part of my Christmas was this:

me and hubby at my baby brother's for brunch

me and son who is currently much taller than I - little secret,guess who the curls come from?

me and youngest child who is currently working on being taller then I

me and my baby brother Chris who gave me the best gift of all this year:

the apple of my eye!

I hope everyone got to spend their holiday with their loved ones...because that my friends is the best part of the season!

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