Friday, December 18, 2009


Today I wore this vintage shirtdress I scored on Ebay for under $10.

I paired it with my Tuxedo cardigan, leggings,and my trusty Coach boots.

About 5 times today a woman would approach me at work and comment on my outfit.

One woman followed me around the store and every time I looked at her she was staring at me.

After a few creepy minutes of this she approached me.

"I love that top, where is it?"

"Oh, we don't sell it here."

"Where did you get it?"

"Actually, it's vintage."

"Oh really?" she nodded her head understandingly and I continued,

"I got it on Ebay from someone in Ohio or something."

"How do I find one on Ebay? What do I do?"

"Well, I just searched for shirtdresses and this popped up."

"So if I type in shirtdresses that will come right up for me?"

"You'll find shirtdresses that way, but I don't think you'll find this one since it is vintage." I chuckled and tapped my shoulder "Shoulder pads and all!"

She looked almost startled.

"You mean it's used?"

The moral of today's story is that I guess not everyone likes vintage clothing...but I sure as hell am not one of them!

Shirtdress...I totally heart you.


  1. You really make vintage look new and modern! I love it!

  2. I love it. So cute. And it's not been "worn," it's been "loved." :)


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