Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The air was crisp.
The sky was the shade of blue that lets you know cooler days are just ahead.
I was up and out the door watching the sun rise as I drove into work this morning.
That bright and golden light that takes it sweet time on mornings like this.
Ahhh...I love fall.

And what says fall better than tweed? it what you will, but I will always be a sucker for tweed.

Last night as I was rummaging through the closets (shopping them, if you will) I pulled out this tweed blazer I bought in the fall of 2005.
At Target if you can believe that.
It is an Isaac Mizrahi piece, and I actually bought ballerina flats the same day that were also Isaac and a similar brown tweed as my blazer.

I knew today was the perfect day to wear it.

I paired it with a pair of olive green slouchy trousers and a ruffle collared blouse that has a floral "burn out" print.
And one of my favorite accessories of all time.

My mustard yellow, embossed leather Coach satchel.
It has got to be 6 or 7 years old now.
Maybe older.
It was a huge purchase for me....
And quite possibly the closest I may ever come to the Birkin bag I dream of.
(I'll expand on that another time...)
I have had people offer to buy that bag from me on the street.
I adore it.

Isn't it sooooo pretty?
And it truly goes with almost everything....

I wore a cute little dangle earring to "girl" it up a bit...and one of my favorite rings:

A pearl cluster.

I love menswear
I love tweed
and if I wasn't shopping the closet, I might have never worn that blazer again....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When we bought the house we currently own about 4 years ago, I went on the hunt for these hangers that could maximize your closet space.
A hunt that ended with me empty handed.

You see, I had 4 of these plastic doo-hickeys that held 4 garments, then dropped down to take the space of only 1 garment.

Some Background:
I am a completely OCD housekeeper (ok, so my OCD's extend beyond just housekeeping...) and like things to look "just so".
That said, you now understand why my wardrobe is hung only on (the same) wooden hangers, is colorized from light to dark, is placed by style and genre, and on and on my absurdities go.

So, now 4 years and two closets later, I am "a little" tight on space.
Ok, so more than a little.
And yes, that is with me swapping out clothing seasonally!
I have a walk in attic that is filled with tubs of clothing that are "not in season".

Then I saw the infomercial for the "Wonder Hanger".
Which so happens to be the exact item I hunted for (to no avail) four years ago!
Imagine my delight!

However, as I have never ordered from an tv commercial, I did not order them.
And when I unpacked all the fall and winter clothing...
Let's just say space was at a premium.

Then I spotted the Wonder Hangers for sale while out buying the kids their school supplies.
I snatched up 4 boxes along with their #2 pencils and three ring binders with a delight I find hard to explain.

I spent the rest of that particular afternoon putting them into my closets.
And when I stepped back to admire my handiwork...I didn't love it.

See for yourself:

The good news?
I have more space.
The bad news?
You can't use them on dresses or pants or anything long because then the items will drag on the ground.
What I like the best?
I have more space.
What I like the least?
They are so ugly and um, plastic-e!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

I am coming off a crazy little stretch...
Of life and career combined...
But a deep breath, a nice glass of wine...
And I am ready (a little late) to talk about Friday favorites.

This week, I really didn't go crazy over any particular clothing items.
Except for this jacket, I've had for about a year and a half.

I pulled it out to wear this weekend...
It has this amazing little pleat in the back

that almost makes the jacket look like it is swinging.
I remember when I bought it, seeing a Gucci that looked remarkably similar.
It is in this textured weave that adds so much dimension to otherwise, really plain ivory.
Makes me think of Jackie O or Coco...
The button are an ivory and silver enamel.
It looked great paired with slim black ankle pants (...the LBP!) and pink and black ballet flats.
I wore a black and white striped button up underneath to add some visual interest.
My little ensemble added up to a "new" found fave!

I must mention that I have been carrying around a bag almost daily that is neither glamorous, nor stylish.
I have been lugging it around for function, not fashion, which is so unlike me.

But here it I said, not glamorous...but I've been using it to lug around two of my other favorites of the past week...

the latest issues of Vogue and Bazaar.

I have been toting them around (in my reusable bag) to read voraciously whenever I get a spare moment (and if you have kids and work full time you know that that is nearly impossible at times).
But I will eventually savor every article, drool over the photos, and hopefully be inspired to put together some great looks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Otherwise known as:
The Little Black Pant

You know you have a pair.
Every woman does.
That trusty black pant that when in doubt, you pull it out.

Last week I got an email from JCrew about their Minnie pant.
A slim leg, ankle pant that gave me lust at first sight.
My initial reaction was,"Oh my god, I want a pair!"
Then I remembered that I am supposed to be shopping my closet,not JCrew, and started thinking about my existing wardrobe.
That's when I remembered I already have my own version of their Minnie pant.
A slim leg, ankle pant that putting on made me fall in love all over again.
In fact, I tried them on and kept them on for the remainder of the day.

So, it got me to thinking, about how essential the LBP is to women.
And how, without even realizing it, we all have one.
The definition of what out LBP looks like may change from season to season.
I have a pair of wide leg, mid rise, with a side zip.
Another pair that is a high waisted, with a really wide leg.
And of course another that has a straight leg, front zip, and pockets.

Like a loyal companion, they hang in my closet, waiting for me to be interested in them once again.
Because this season, all I can think about is slim, slim, slim and ankle, ankle, ankle.

Today I wore my current favorite LBP

With a plain, classic, oxford shirt (Banana) and my strappy gold heels (Banana).
I wore a big, bauble bracelet (JCrew) so I kept the rest of my jewelry simple.
Just my monogram ring and some big gold hoops in my ears.

My renewed passion for these pants makes me want to rendezvous with them some more.
Maybe it's time for a break from my boyfriend...

Monday, September 21, 2009


Today was a jacket wearing day.
A little cute cropped jacket wearing day to be precise.
Paired with a slim bootcut denim and a pair of Tahari peeptoes.
In red patent leather, of course.

You know, I am not feeling like this is an insurmountable task anymore.
And I feel like I am being way more creative with my ensembles, mixing and matching more.
Those red Tahari peeptoes are old!
I mean, I have had them forever!
And do I wear them much?
No, honestly maybe twice a year.

But in my attempts to stick to this plan, I am bringing more things out of the closet that have been sitting there for ages.I truly love these things, but am always getting something newer and more exciting to wear, so why bother?

Take for instance this Banana Republic bag I carried today.

Loving it with my outfit.
Bought it a lifetime ago.
Use it?
I almost embarrassed to say.

Is it a killer to spend all day poring over the newest merchandise hitting stores?
Of course.
Am I lusting over a cable knit poncho that only barely covers the shoulder and would look fab with a button up underneath and a great wide leg trouser?
When I popped into JCrew the other day and salivated over their ruffle blouses in stripes, solids, and in a glorious array of shades?
You bet.

So while it has been a daily struggle to do this, I am doing it, and not finding it entirely painful.

Talk to me again when my new Vogue comes.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Signature

Without even trying, I have a few things that are my trademarks.
Of fashion, that is.

I always find it amusing to here people's "take" on me.
Certain things I always favor, the things that your friends tell you are you.

For instance, I am known for loving button up shirts.
Men's, women's, hell, I even fit in a nice Ralph Lauren striped button up that my son Liam outgrew a year or two ago.
The white button up...I have about a million.

And I wear them incessantly.
Layered, tucked in, untucked, open with a tshirt underneath...the possibilities are endless...oh, and the collar? I always pop it up!

Today, for instance, I wore a pair of my boyfriend jeans (I know, AGAIN!)
(Do remember, that I am not buying anything new...besides the fact I already admitted my obsession!)

I bought a brown military style sweater (NY&Co) back in August that I paired with a red and white striped button up (Limited). A big woven gold belt (JCrew) and a pair of red and gold paisley mules (Cole Haan) that are starting to near the end of their life...and frankly, I don't know how I will live without them!
As I popped that collar up today...I thought about my love of the button up and how I have a whole closet of just them.

Another signature?
My perfume.
About 3 years ago, I started wearing a perfume that I knew I would love for the rest of my life. And as long as it is manufactured.
There's something nice about having a "Signature" scent.
Something that inherently makes people think of you whenever they catch a whiff.
A scent that someday my children will smell somewhere and think of me.
Can't help it...
My scent, you ask?
Chanel Mademoiselle.
LOVE it.

Last but not least, I have 3 pieces of jewelry besides my wedding rings that I wear almost daily.
A signature thing too, if you will.
My Tiffany charm bracelet, a silver Anne Klein watch I got forever ago (I wear them together on the same wrist). And my Tiffany silver mesh ring.
Always on my right hand ring finger.
Watch and bracelet on right hand wrist.

With a flourish...
A little embellishment...
My signature.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

friday favoritess!

im sorry im a day late, but i guess thats what you get
when you work retail and close on a friday night..

alrightyyy here is my favorite look of the week:

while eleanor cannot live without her boyfriend...boyfriends jeans of course!
i am LoViNg my skinnys!

i wore them the other day, rolled up so they were ankle length
with a flowy white button-up and a beige braided cloth belt.
paired it with my FaVoRiTe banana republic gold metalic wedges

my gold flower ring, dangling gold chain hoops with ivory circles
and a gold floral bangle

this week i'm thinking its time to bring out
my mustard yellow hobo bag
and tweed newsboy hats =)
I <3 fall fashion
until my next blog...
layer it up!
Steph <3>

Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

I already wrote this week about how I am living in my boyfriend jeans for the past two weeks.
And they remain tops on my list.
The other couple of things I have been loving this week,

This blue slouchy bag I bought a few years back and neglect every time I get obsessed with something new.
But I always find it again, and it becomes a faithful standby.

I have been living in my leopard ballerinas lately.

And denim,denim,denim.
Today I am wearing my BCBG Tuxedo jacket I rediscovered last week, with gray skinny jeans and black slingbacks.

And underneath it all, you ask?
Why a tshirt that feels so "right now" and a little pearly jewels to take down the menswear thing a notch.

Tomorrow we have a soiree to attend in the later afternoon (and after I work all morning), so I chose something that will do for work, and still be comfortable (and look great for after work!)

A nice slim bootcut with a classic white button up, gray sweater vest, and my favorite fall shoe that I wear giraffe slingbacks.

I'll snazz it up with some gold accessories

a few bracelets,a nice drop earring and my monogrammed gold band that I inherited from my maternal grandmother's side. (It is monogrammed with the initial of her maiden name).

Excited about the weekend...only because of my clothes...well, our soiree is exciting to think about too!

I would love to hear what the things you've been loving this week are...
Do tell!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Boyfriend

That's right.
I said it.
My boyfriend.

As in my boyfriend jeans.
The absolute essential of my wardrobe right now.
I actually bought 2 pairs, one that I bought in the size I normally wear in pants, and after realizing that these 100% cotton jeans stretched ALOT, another pair in a size smaller.
I found them at New York & Company and they were only $39.95!
(Thus, justifying a 2 pair purchase!)

I lived in these jeans all last week when I was on vacation.
Long sleeve stripe tees from JCrew with my "baggier" pair and flip flops.
A vneck 3/4 sleeve sweater from Limited, leopard ballerinas, and a scarf around my neck while out and about with the kids.
I could wear these jeans EVERY day!

In fact, I went back to work today and wore the smaller of my two pairs.

Paired with a cropped tweed jacket by BCBG that I bought quite a few years ago, strappy gold heels from Banana Republic, white tee from Limited, and some pearl strands I found at my local Harbor House Resale shop (For $1 each by the way!).

And I think tomorrow I'm going to wear the bigger pair

with a pinstriped ruffle button up from Limited and my leopard ballerinas.
It's supposed to be cool out tomorrow, so I'll probably throw a cardigan on as well.

Don't tell my husband...
But I'm LOVING my boyfriend right now!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

where did summer go? did it even come?!?

those who know me know that i AbSoLuEtLy
love summer and DREED winter.
lets just say sun makes me happy
no sun makes me a major grump

but this week felt like a good change..i can deal with fall weather
(it means my birthday is coming!)
& i must say i put together some really cute outfits too

see for yourself....


*remember my last blog...i mentioned this outfit*

skinny jeans, white tee, cropped tan trench, high brown boots, chunky necklace and flower ring

I LOVED IT(10 second timer made it a little appoligizes)


plaid tunic from New York & Company, i accented the pink in the shirt

with a pink scarf, paired it with high boots; super trendy and super comfortable


i got this tunic from The Limited, not supposed to be a dress

but since im short i can get away with it =)

i paired it with black tights and roundtoed black leather shoes.

bought it a size bigger so that i can wear it off the shoulders and blouse it over


..tomorrow is supposed to be 80 again! YESSS!!
hello sunshine and banana boat tanning oil ;)

until my next blog...soak up the sun while it lasts

<3 Steph

Day Out, Not Night Out

All week I received email upon email about Fashion's Night Out.
Bergdorf's,Neiman's,Vogue and all the specialty retailers with NYC flagships bombarded my inbox with tempting offers.
The company I work for,who also has a flagship store in NYC was having a huge event as well.
I listened as one of the young ladies who works for me part time while going to school in the city, told me where she was going after class that night.

Everything I read and heard just brought on the most melancholy of moods.
Because dear friends, instead of hobnobbing with celebrities, shopping for fabulous accoutrement's,and enjoying a night out on the town, I was rubbing elbows with a first grader and a freshman.
Rubbing elbows while I helped them with their homework.
Rubbing elbows whilst I placed their dinner plates in front of them.
Instead of here:

I was here:

Home in the 'burbs.

But don't feel too sorry for me...on two accounts.
1. I have been a mom for too long now (15 years exactly) and would rather be with them than Victoria Beckham (who was to be at Bergdorf's).
2. I took the opportunity of being on vacation from work this week (and a monsoon of rain yesterday) to unpack all my fall/winter clothing and pack up all the summer.

Swapping out clothes is like Christmas in the sense that there are items I am not necessarily "feeling" from year to year, but hang on to anyway.
Then when I am "feeling" them again...
Well, it is pretty exhilarating!

For instance, the BCBG pinstriped tuxedo jacket I almost consigned last year,but thought the better of it.
Whew...glad I did!
To see all my boots again was a happy reunion indeed.
Last year I replaced alot of shoes and boots that had seen their day.
Before I ever thought I would be doing this whole not shopping thing.

Yesterday, I tried on every single pair of pants and skirt I own.
(Yes, it took all day!)
I made a pile of stuff to consign (or ebay) that didn't make me (or my ass) look fabulous.
Made another pile of stuff that I still like, just don't foresee myself wearing this season.
Lesson learned from tuxedo jacket!

And now...
I am off to NYC for a day out.
Not a night out.
(With the kids of course!)

I'll be the one sadly rambling around the tents of Fashion Week!
Has it really been only 12 days of this?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nice Day For A White Weekend...

Does taking a spin on a Billy Idol song show my age too much?
Maybe...but I couldn't resist.

In homage to summer I sported white all weekend.
Weekend meaning Friday,Saturday and Sunday.

(A working weekend, I might add.Sigh.)

Not that I have anything against white after Labor Day...
because who doesn't love a nice pair of winter white trousers with a black turtleneck?

But who am I kidding?
I am sooooo over summer clothes right now!
I am antsy to start wearing fall ASAP.

Before I pack away all the summer goodies, I feel I should mention one thing.
As in, "the things I swore I'd live in this summer...and never wore at all!"
Purchases that I made, in part because I thought they were summertime essentials.
Like my big floppy sun hat I bought at JCrew

The purse I thought I could never live another second without....
because it will go with everything....

And last,but not least, the Sigrid Olsen caftan I snatched up during their going out of business sale...
two summers ago, and is getting packed away again with the tags still on it...

On a positive least I could only scrounge up 3 things!

By Monday I was done with the white.

I wore this gray vest I got this summer at The Limited, with a ruffle front blouse and "carrot" pants from NY&Company.
My favorite part?
The pocketwatch I bought my husband almost ten years ago,that has sat in the box in our closet since that very day.
I threaded a long silver chain through it and wore it as a necklace.

He didn't seem all that thrilled with my creativity...
Maybe I should have asked first...?

the simple black dress

Girls, I know that it has taken me a while to contribute to this blog, but my house is in what I feel to be shambles right know, and there just never seems to be enough time in the day to get anything done. Sorry....

So anyway, all summer I've been debating on whether to purchase a long casual maxi dress. I've seen them on other people and tried them on, but "felt that it really wasn't me". 2 weeks ago I decided to try another one on that I've been eyeing up for quite some time, and loved it. I think it was the best purchase I made all summer! It's a black, simple a-line, spaghetti strap cotton long dress. I wore it on my day off this week to run errands and it was like wearing pajamas, but still stylish, of course!

I wore it with my gold Bandalino slingback tongs, my hair in a ponytail and a black headband. My husband even told me I looked HOT! Today I'm dressing it up a bit and wearing it to work. I put over it a tan knit vest from Limited that I purchased a couple years back (never quite knew how to wear it but this is perfect), a black scarf with bronze and silver lame stripes running through it, bronze filigree earrings and a big ring with an ivory stone (big rings are my favorite accessory much to my husband's displeasure, he HATES them), and black ballerina flats.

I'm so excited because this dress is definitely a look that can be carried through Fall. For a casual day off, I'll probably just throw on my denim jacket from Guess (another great investment, every girl needs a timeless denim jacket)and a pair of flip flops while it's still warm, afterwards ballerinas... or maybe if I feel daring enough my Ed Hardy sneakers. For work I'll pair it with my new grey military jacket that I just purchased from New York & Company and can't wait to wear. To accessorize: either a fun scarf or a chunky statement necklace.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My fav's!

Basics are classic and will never go out style.
you can dress them up or down, but most importantly
you will most likely have them forever. Its even better
when you find them on the clearance rack...
which i have become very good at.
coming from a college budget of $0 a week makes you rethink
buying full-priced items QUICK.
I'm not ashamed of it, i barely ever buy anything full-price,
but hey i still look cute and stay on top of trends so don't be a hater,
I'm a proud bargain shopper.

These are my 2009 Fall Favorites:

this adorable black skirt from the Limited will never go out of style! not to mention it only cost me $12 !!

pair these patent leather shoes with any outfit for a classy look.

Definition of a basic= cropped tan trench. Wear this with a white tee, skinny jeans, and high boots and you will look AdOrAbLe =)

And of course, big rings are in! I found these at Forever 21, total cost $10. You can't beat that!!

until my next post...happy labor day shopping!


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Every Friday we are going to mention a few of our current favorites.
Also to be known as "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Friday".
(Yes, like the Sound of Music! Am I not the only one who loved the dresses Maria made from the curtains?)

This morning as I am getting ready to go into work, I was thinking about a few of my favorite finds I am relying on to get me through fall.

My Michael Kors snake shoes.

My boyfriend blazer.

An assortment of necklaces I found here and there and everywhere.

And this vintage beaded clutch I found in a box in my garage.
(I almost threw it away!)

Loving the thought of the clutch with jeans...
That boyfriend blazer can be worn with practically anything...
(in fact I wore it last week with slim,ankle cut white pant and heels)
The Michael Kors shoes that have worked already with skinny gray jeans as well as a black "carrot" pant.
And who wouldn't love the necklaces? All of them!
Better yet...some of them were real bargains!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's Old Is New Again

Nothing exciting went on here today.
I was off from work again today and just bummed around in army green cargo pants with a drawstring bottom (usually worn to work,mid calf with heels, a pin striped blazer and tshirt) and a black short sleeve turtleneck (with big puffy exaggerated sleeves,from Limited a few years back). I just wore leopard ballerina flats with it.
By 4 o'clock when I knew I wasn't going anywhere else today, I was in yoga pants and a long sleeve tshirt.
The weather here has been nice and cool.
Which is good since I am tiring of shorts and flip flops.

In fact today I was sorting through my two closets of summer clothes and came across this dress I got for $1 at a vintage shop.
The dress in it's current state evoked an:
"Oh my God Mom, that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! Get rid of that!"
from my first grader.
But actually,if it is shortened,belted,and paired with my black leather Coach boots,I think it will look great!
It is unmarked, and frankly, looks as if someone made it(with lots of TLC)and just so happens to fit me perfectly.
And since it was already in my closet...alterations don't count.
And I have something "new" to wear this fall.
Sometimes I am too clever for my own good....


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Two - A Day Off To Boot!

Or no boots as I mentioned about the booties!
Today I was busy getting my kids off to their first day of school,but I am not a mom who drops off and picks up in sweats.
No sir, not me!
Picking out my daughter's outfits is as enjoyable as picking out my own,I must say.
And not to be outdone, I wore this:
A satin trim kimono wrap around from Banana Republic (like forever ago, but it remains a favorite even though I think I only wear it maybe once a year!),a pair of boyfriend jeans from NY & Company, gold filigree drop earrings from Limited and Oscar de la Renta sunglasses (which end up on my head longer than on my eyes,I forget they are there, I swear!)
Kitchen in desparate need of a remodel is not part of my outfit,however,if I can remain true to this promise, it should be on the horizon!

I went to a thrift store today.
I couldn't help myself.
The kids are gone at school, and I have alone time and...well,no excuses,but I did not buy anything! Honestly!
However, I should mention that I found an amazing 80's shirt,with such awesome sequin detail, that would have looked fabulous on Steph as a tunic with a pair of I examined it, it had a few small holes in it...thank God, because I would have been tempted to buy it for her.
And then all bets would have been off!
I should also mention that I saw an 80's jumpsuit that was awesome as well, but in poor condition.
Whew! It was a close one!

is it really ONLY our second day????

sooo i am not going to lie...this is going to be alot harder then i thought.
i tried so hard to stock up on anything i could get my hands on but for some reason,
nothing seemed to catch my attention =(
and now i cant stop thinking about it and what i wish i had bought...
like the pair of grey ruffle suede ankle booties that were just NOT in my budget last week.

how freaking cute are these? perhaps a birthday present? hint hint

on my next day off i will be ripping apart my closest and going through my fall/winter bins, hopefully my mind is just playing games and i find lots of goodies...
if not, well then it's off to Eleanor and Angela's closet =)

pictures soon, i promise!
<3 Steph

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day One

So today it begins.
I feel a little anxious.
I had a little wish list for fall items.
I have been frantically dashing around trying to snatch up those items.
Unfortunately, the item I covet most for fall I did not find.

What could that be you ask?
Preferably suede.
Low cut, just skimming the ankle.
JCrew has a fantastic pair.
But I have been busy running around trying to size up all my options.

Instead of posting blogs, I have been googling booties.
Obsessed, I think.

So for the first day, also a work day, I threw this together:
A pair of black and white pin stripe trousers from NY & Company,a plain white tshirt from The Limited,and a gray flutter sweater vest from JCrew. I grabbed a pair of Franco Sarto black and white spectators that I have had for over 5 years now and just wore some silver bangles, a pearl cluster ring, and my silver watch and Tiffany charm bracelet.
Digging the spectators out of my closet gave me renewed hope that this may not be as painful as I fear it will be!