Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Favorites & Some Halloween Nonsense

This morning I had my first duties of the year as 1st Grade Class mom.
I didn't really feel like dressing "Halloween-y" and after my co-class mom emailed me this morning to say she was sick and sending hubby in her place, I knew I was wearing "regular" clothes.

Well, regular to me, different to most everyone else in the burbs of Jersey who only wear velour track suits and Uggs.

Striped tee from Limited, destroyed boyfriend jeans from NY & Company, pink and black ballerinas from Aigner.

I love those shoes!
I bought them like 5 or 6 years ago...
A faithful standby that goes with almost everything!

After the class party this morning,

I had about 2 hours to spare before my always starving freshman would arrive home looking for food.
I decided to hit some of my local thrift shops.
Sometimes I get this little inkling about finding something and today was one of those days.
There is a little thrift store right by my local Habitat for Humanity resale store.
I have been in there before, saw some Michael Kors pieces, Dana Buchman, nothing too exciting.
In fact, I never bought anything there.

Until today, when I followed my gut and scored the mother load.

Well, what I hope was the mother load!

The LV bag was marked at $20.
The Dooney at $15.

Yes I am serious.

The strap is cracking a bit on the LV, so the lady took it down to $10 for me.

Yes I am serious

I also found a great camel colored wool blazer

I have been googling LV tonight trying to authenticate the LV.

So far, all signs point to yes!

The Dooney is real, that one was easy to tell.

I decided since this was shaping up to be a great day for thrifting, that I would hit one more.

And I was not disappointed.

I got this Izod button down in a great blue plaid.

This taupe wool "riding" jacket.

It is an old Sassoon set. It came with a great knee length wool skirt I think I will take up just above the knee.

A handwoven Madras plaid blazer.

(Which is real hot with my striped tee, huh?)

I will save it for spring and summer.

And a pair of wool slim leg ankle pants.

That will look amazing with ankle boots and my orange wool bucket hat from JCrew!

All of it cost me $11.50.

Yes I am serious.

We wrapped up the day with some trick or treating

Me and the Queen of the Bees!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winter Shorts

I have been looking for a pair of wool winter shorts.
I have some from past years that are longer, more bermuda like in length.

Not feeling them this year.

I spied a pair from Gap in a magazine the other evening.

I went in there on my lunch yesterday.

I normally take a 4 in bottoms, but they looked kind of big.
So I tried on the 2.

The 2 was a great fit.

And they were sooooo adorable!

Unfortunately they did not have the 2 in the black tweed.

I feel like I would get more use out of the black than the brown.

So I had to order them online last night.

Can't wait to show them to you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost Famous

I write another blog called From A Brookside
about my life as a mom.

And even though I am the only mom who writes on this blog, I listed us on the website Top Mommy Blogs.

I mean, Angela and Steph want kids too someday. Right?
Or am I just being a little presumptuous, perhaps?


Of course, I had already listed my other blog on the site, and was on my way to check out its ranking, when I came across this:

This blog is listed today as a Feature Blog!

Hooray for us...
Hooray for me being so clever to sign us up...
And Hooray for the two people who clicked on the link!

Baby Steps

I have been debating the same article of clothing for months now.

A trend item, if you will.

A trend I have not been able to partake in.

Call it age phobia...

Call it de ja vu...(I spent my youth through the 80's)

Oh, it whatever you will...but I have not been able to bring myself to wearing a pair of leggings.

It's not that I hate them.

I think they look cute.

When worn appropriately.

Appropriate being the key word!

I see more don'ts than do's unfortunately.

And maybe that is part of my fear.

A few weeks ago, Angela and I wear discussing my fear of leggings.

She thought I was silly.

I thought I was too "stocky" to wear them.

She seemed to think that was sillier.

The other day at work, I discussed it again with someone else.

Who said, quite profoundly:

"I don't see what the big deal's just like wearing tights."


So today I took my first baby step.

I wore them with a long ruffle front blouse and my tuxedo cardigan.

And my most favorite boots from Coach.

I felt extremely comfortable.

And yet semi naked...

But it's all about taking baby steps...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today is a dreary, wet day.

Where the leaves cling wearily to the gutters outside the house.

Indoors, the closets are silent.
They know I will not be perusing them today.
The jewelry boxes will stay wedding rings are the only adornment I will wear.

I long to curl up on the sofa and pore through books.

The books I loved as a child and collect as a grown up.

I was a voracious reader when I was young.
I pored through our library almost weekly...carrying my finds home in large shopping bags where I would devour them all in a matter of hours.

My favorites were by Lois Lenski.

She wrote and illustrated her own books.
And illustrated the books of many others.

Oh, how I would lose myself in her drawings!

It is hard to put into words how they impacted me.
Their beauty.
Their simplicity.

She wrote many books about girls much like myself.
Girls who lived in different times...
And different places.

Sadly, Lois died when I was barely a year old.

She penned an autobiography while she living.

So many of the questions I have had were answered.

I cannot help but wish I had known her.

If just for the smallest amount of time.

Is it strange to feel such a draw to one which you never met?

is the kind of day where I think on these things.

Monday, October 26, 2009

shoe heaven

so, i as well splurged when Bandolino & Nine West were having friends and family event last week.
3 pairs to be exact...i couldnt help myself!
ahhh, and it felt so good that i didnt have to spend any of my money....why you may ask?

BiRtHdAy MoNeY!!
made it taste even better =)

check them out:

i love leopard!

classic black...every girl needs a pair!

IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! i had to have them!

Next Mission:
i am in desperate search for black leather high boots! easy right? WRONG!
i have what i call "calfels"
i have a VERY hard time finding boots that my calfs fit into!
my friends laugh, and so do i.
i'm built like a fire hydrient, as matt would say =)
strong and thick on the bottom .
getting a little too thick if ya ask me, its time to head back to the
spinning classes and my butt in shape. but thats another story....
anyway...things that i am LOVING right now are hats and sweater scarves!
i have my eye on two or three hats at my store. newsboy hats and the slouchy knit ones.
and with my extra discount this week, i think i
might get suckered into them.
and the sweater scarves..has anyone seen them?
they can be worn 3 or 4 different ways according to the Limited.
Very cute and versatile. hmmm, i believe i have a coupon?
who was i kidding..i AM a shopoholic but a good one!
i'm a bargain shopaholic. never pay full on the hunt down for
good prices ALWAYS. no matter what.
aren't you proud of me babe?

Hair Fetish

When the newest Anthropologie catalog came a few weeks ago, I was enamored by the updo's throughout.
The headbands and hair accessories...all gorgeous!

Then,lo and behold, at work, we received a new shot of hair accessories for the holiday season.
Very similar to the ones at Anthro.
How exciting!
I bought a gray headband with a fabric flower and I bought this one:

I love it.
I wore it today, and twice last week.
I actually paired my outfit around it.

A lime green and black chiffon ruffle top from NY & Co. Red Label line, a lime green cardigan and slim black pants.
I wore the herringbone peeptoes too.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Incredibly Absent

I had such a crazy week!
And I was totally under the weather all week as well.

I snapped a few pics Wednesday morning before we left.

I love wearing the drawstring cargo pants up just above the ankle.
They look great like that with a heel.
I snapped a pic of my cutie the day of her school pictures.

She looked like a poster child for Crewcuts!

After Wednesday, it was all down hill.
There were no pictures for Thursday and Friday.
No time for Friday favorites this week.
Although I have been wearing the hell out of those herringbone peep toes!

I had to return the pink floral headband to JCrew.

My daughter said it was so big, she was afraid she would get made fun of.
How sad is that?
Although I personally think that half the kids I see at her school look like slobs and wouldn't know what is cute if it hit them in the face, I understand where she is coming from.
And think it is sad for a 1st grader to worry about things like that.

I scored big at Loft this week.
I am not a Loft shopper, but I stopped in one with my boss this week on our way back from lunch.
I got a pair of paper bag waisted slim leg ankle pants in gray, and another pair of slim ankle pants in a gray and black plaid.
For $9.88 a pair.
Impressive, huh?

I got a gray long sweater vest that will look great with leggings and my black knee high Coach boots.
For only $14.99 marked down from $49.99.
Not too shabby...

I got an email today from JCrew about the anniversary of one their stores in Fresno,Ca.
There was a coupon attached.
Which, is like gold to me, since they never, ever give coupons.
But my excitement was short lived, since in the fine print it said you could only use it at the store in Fresno.
What a let down!

This week I promise to be a better blogger.
And with extra 15% discount at work this week...a damn good shopper to boot!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short, Sweet And To The Point

And thus my hectic week carries on.
I ended up wearing this to NYC today:

Snapped at 6 am while I was debating the necklaces.
I removed the one in the pic for this one:

Left at 6:30 this morning to drive into NYC.
Left NYC at 6:00 this evening to drive home feeling tired yet exhilarated after seeing all that spring will have to offer!

I must keep this short,sweet and to the point because I haven't much time for blogging.
I committed to sewing my daughter's Halloween costume.
And I haven't even started yet.
Oh, and I have to sew part of my husband's costume as well.
And I haven't even started yet.

Tomorrow I am in a meeting all day.
I was inspired by some things I saw today, and put together this little number:

A black satin ruffle collar halter from Limited. Fuschia cardigan and drawstring bottom cargos from New York & Company along with my gray peeptoes.
Which,I must say, were very comfortable for my first day of wearing them being so long and walking like two city blocks in!

I think I will try an updo tomorrow and wear this headband I got:

With that cute little cocktail ring.

Tomorrow is also my daughter's school pictures.
So she is wearing this:

Cardigan and dress from Crewcuts,knee socks from Children's Place.

Outfits selected.
Clothes pressed.
Now moving on to making lunches...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Follow Protocol and Avoid The Faux Pas

I was in VA yesterday for my cousins wedding.
I solved the afternoon / early evening protocol dilemma by wearing this:

With the Tessa shoes of course.

The woman in charge of the reception from the facility actually stopped me and told me she wanted to paint her living room in the colors I was wearing.
I'll take that as a compliment!

I spent a quiet day here at home today and took my new ballerina flats out for a spin

I paired them with my boyfriend jeans, a Max Studio turtleneck in black and a camel scarf from-who-knows-where-I've-had-it-for-so-long.

And a really exciting day for me.
Tomorrow is the reason I have been dashing around the house this evening trying on clothing...carrying fistfuls of random necklaces...digging through my jewelry boxes...texting Angela pics of myself...

Why the chaos?

Because tomorrow is the day I go into Manhattan and preview the Spring 2010 line with my boss's boss!

Exciting, right?

However, there is unwritten protocol about trips into our corporate offices or to meetings.

You should be dressed in "brand".

Along with that comes the very high risk of the faux pas...since there are only so many items our company designs at one time.
Trust me...I have been to many meetings where multiple people are wearing the exact same thing.

How uncomfortable!

My method to avoid having myself in that situation, is to wear something our company has designed in such a way that if someone else is wearing it I still stand out.

Not that I am looking to stick out in the crowd...don't get me wrong...I did that in my youth when I had green hair that stuck up in the air...

I've been debating about a couple things to wear tomorrow.
Our company made a fabulous boyfriend blazer this season.
I paired it with a pink satin pleated mini, black tights and my herringbone peeptoes.
It was a great outfit if I was looking to channel Britney Spears in "Oops I did it again".

But since I'm turning 36 in a few short weeks, I decided to pass on that look.

I picked up this floral pencil skirt at work the other day when Angela and I were discussing what I should and could wear.

I have always liked it...but I realized the other day that it would look great with my new peeptoes!

So the final decision is the skirt with black opaque tights,the peeptoes and a fitted black turtleneck sweater.
I need a nice chunky necklace and narrowed it down to two choices, and still not sure which one will make the cut.

When my hair is done and I am dressed I will make the final decision.

I am carrying my favorite black bag.

It will be a really early morning, but it will be totally worth it!