Saturday, November 28, 2009


Seriously I am pooped.

And I think I am getting too old to deal with this Black Friday / Christmas nonsense.

As I have mentioned, maybe without mentioning, I work in Women's Specialty Apparel Retail.

For a company with over 600 stores nationwide.

And some in Dubai to boot.

Pretty snazzy,eh?

Well, the company decided to run a "Black Friday" promo to reel the customers in.

And reel them in they did.

I spent almost 13 hours yesterday providing crowd control.

Pushing goods to the floor and keeping the register lines organized and expedited.

Oh, and I did it again today too.

Now as I soak my feet in Epsom Salt and drink wine, I wonder:

"Am I getting too old for this crap?"

There was no time for cute outfits, in fact, we have a "dress code" of sorts for holiday.

And I do not love it.

Our dress code is sweaters.

That we sell.

And even though I jazzed mine up with a skinny zebra belt, it is still not something I would bother photographing.

Besides the fact that getting dressed in said outfits at 3 and 4 am does not make me want to take photos either.


Yes, I adore fashion.

And yes, I love working in this business.

And yes, this weekend has seriously kicked my ass.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today I Am Thankful For:



A roof over my head.

And food on my plate.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

If You Thought I Just Liked Dressing Myself, Think Again...

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving early.

Early Thanksgiving I have named it.

No one has to make decisions on who they want to be with, it provides an opportunity for my family to be together on one of my favorite holidays.

And if you think I only like dressing myself...

I have a little problem called "Pottery Barn" so I try to cut corners and buy grocery store flowers and arrange them myself. For $20...not too shabby,eh?

I made way too much food (as usual) and we had a blast just being together.

(me and my brother we call BFF and my niece,Vera)

(Vera is the first child of any of my siblings and I totally hog her from everyone!)

I wore a new JCrew top that arrived this week. My husband wanted to order a new shirt and pants from them with the insider 20% off of 150 they just ran.

Too bad his pants and shirt didn't hit the 150, so I padded the order to help him out. (heehee)

It's the Organza Sash Tissue Tank in shore pink.

I figured it would go with these ballerinas I cannot stop wearing...and it did.

I bought the small, and it was quite roomy.

The XS would probably have been ok.

Today my daughter had a birthday party to go to.

I have never met this little girl's parents, so of course I had to be dressed.

I wore my destroyed boyfriends, the ruffle button up I scored at ATL for $10, my sequin cardi and of course the pink ballerinas.

I wanted to wear this JCrew hat

in a shore pink color, but my daughter looked at me horrified and said:

"What are you doing Mom? It is not even raining outside and you have that dumb hat on?"

Ahhh, too bad for you little one as I bought the same hat in this color as well:

Because that is what happens when I go into JCrew to pay my bill (cha ching rewards!)

I am tempted by wool hats for only $9.99...
Ballerina flats miss marked at $59.99...

And considering I bought the bucket hat in October at full ticket, (which are still attached) I will be returning it tomorrow for a refund since I rebought the $9.99 one!

Why do they tempt and taunt me so????

Oh, and I promised to show you a great Ebay find I scored for $8.99 (pre shipping)

It is a vintage oversized sheer (not too sheer) button up that I cannot wait to wear with leggings and a little jacket over top...

Sometimes being only 5'2 is a blessing....helloooooo Shirtdress!!!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Give A Girl A Pair Of Leggings And There Is No Stopping Her Now...

After seeing all the "loot" that Sweet Tea in Seattle (another of my favorite bloggers!)found during the Ann Taylor Loft friends and family sale, I decided that I must go check it out.

I'm not a huge Loft fan, I really don't go in there often at all...but I admit I have scored there over the past few years.

On Thursday I went in and coincidentally was wearing a Loft sweater and pants.

I was shocked at all the gorgeous stuff I encountered as soon as I walked in...I could easily see how Sweet Tea in Seattle found so much!

I loved the Rosette cardi, but as it is short sleeves and I am always freezing as it is, I had to pass...maybe in Spring or summer...but to layer it would take away from it.

I saw a rolling rack with cowl neck tunic sweaters marked at $29.99 (then the 30% discount) and snatched one in an "oatmeal" color. I bought a medium so it would be more dresslike on me.

I found a pleated collar button up on final sale for $14.88 and yes! that still applies to friends and family!

And I bought a brown pheasant feather headband as well, when I looked at my receipt, the headband ended up being the most expensive item I purchased as the cowl rang up for $10 and change (!!!???) how that happened....I will not question just "Thanks you have a nice day too!)

I couldn't wait to wear the cowl neck, so I did so yesterday:

I felt a little sad when Angela asked why I was wearing black leggings with an oatmeal colored sweater and saddle brown suede Coach boots....
But the leggings were actually chocolate brown, and matched the lacing around the top of my boots!

When I asked her why she thought I would dare wear black with so much brown, she said she "didn't know anymore" and I am still waiting for her to clarify.... ;)

I know I have stepped outside of the box lately....for a girl who refused to have anything to do with leggings for so long, I am going a little overboard lately!

As I count it, 1:



and yesterday being 4 times in a week that I wore them!

I must sign off is "Early Thanksgiving" in this home and I have a 21 lb turkey to cook and 10 people to feed later!

As an older sister to two wonderful brothers, who have a wife and long term girlfriend respectively, I decided that we will do Thanksgiving a few days in advance from here forward so I do not get the shaft for "in-laws" (kidding).
We all know boys go where their wives / girlfriends want to go (I mean, my hubby does!) so Early Thanksgiving prevents anyone from having to choose.

Kind of like the "best of both worlds" if you will...

Tomorrow I will tell you about a great Ebay find that arrived, and share my:

"Oh JCrew, why do you tempt and taunt me so?" issue I had yesterday!

Ta-ta till then!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Things That Inspire Me

I keep a book of fashion / style related things that inspire me.

Well, it is a 3 ring binder with page protectors sort of a book.

My magazine and catalog subscriptions could put any doctors office to shame in magnitude, so I have to purge them on a monthly basis.

I extract anything that struck a chord in me.

From women who inspire me

To those I find iconic

(i know i can't be the only one who adores diane kruger)

To clothing and accessories I fall for

Sometimes I flip through when I'm stumped on what to wear...

When my closet is full of nothing...

I may see a color, a pattern an idea...sometimes just seeing photos like Gwyneth in the Tod's ads can trigger something.

Each month I look forward to the arrival of my new magazines.
Vogue,Harper's,Town & Country...

And my little book continues to grow.

a cloudy day

i would have loved to sleep in but instead i got woken up by
my crying doberman who didnt want to be put in his crate as
my brother was leaving for work.

doberman...75 pounds of pure crazyness
this dog is the silliest most playful dog ever
never a growl, only a kiss and a hug
a little too hyper at times for me
and my two little doggies begging to go outside:
teacup maltese...7 pounds of nastyness
dont let this cute face fool you, he can be quite grumpy

shitzu...10 pounds of pure sweetness
he's the "apple of our eyes"

so i rolled out of bed and put on my new FAVORITE outfit

VERY pink fuzzy robe from target
and my knitted slippers from Charlotte Russe
i sipped my coffee and watched Regis and Kelly..
oh how i love mornings
and began to think about what to wear to work later...
i guess a pink robe isn't business casual attire?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mixing It Up

Today I was inspired to "Mix It Up".

And one of my favorite bloggers Ginger Girl mixed it up today too!

I have been completely inspired by the blog The Glamourai.

Her sense of style is unimitable, as she is completely herself.

She wows with her innovativeness.

I think I may have a girl-crush???

Well, maybe not like that...but she certainly does inspire.

My outfit today was inspired by her post I linked.

A big difference is that she takes professional pictures and I have a 7 year old trying to hone in on my "homemade" pictures.

Polka dot baby doll dress: Limited, Pinstriped blazer: BCBG, Coach boots, thrifted pearls, gold bangle: Charlotte Russe, leggings: Ny&Company

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i woke up today with a mission:
One Day Sale at Macys.

I went to start my Christmas shopping, but somehow ended up in the shoe department.
i don't know how, i just went where ever my legs took me...hehe

and boy did i score!

i finally found the classy black boots i have been searching for!
and yes they went over my CALFELS!

black suede Marc Fishers, with a buckle accent.
very classy, very simple, and a total necessity for my wardrobe!

oh and did i mention ON SALE!! YEAHH BABBYYY!!

Merry Christmas to me!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wanting, Not Needing

I already shared how I frantically scoured the Gap all weekend for some amazing item that my wardrobe could no longer live without.

And I thought I found it.

On Thursday when I bought my wool shorts, I spotted the Ruffle Plaid Shirt.

I stared at it...carried it around....put it back....picked it back up....stared at it some more....well, you get the idea.

Then I said to myself:

"Self, you have to stop shopping so much! You weren't supposed to be shopping at all until after the new year, and just look at you! You are out of control!"

Just when the other customers started to stare at the strange woman scolding herself, I decided I didn't need it and left it behind.

But oh, my friends, the power of want is far superior over the power of need!

Lord knows I didn't need that plaid shirt, but I wanted it so bad I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I dreamed all Thursday night of what I would wear with it, a sure fire sign that it must be mine!

And on Friday I bought it.

On my way to the register I saw a pinstripe oxford sticking out of the sale pit.

I am a sucker for menswear button ups.

It was a men's size small grayish blue and white stripe marked down to a cool $17.97.

And then the 30% Friends and Family!

I loved the idea of the oversize,boyfriend look it would give, and I am always drawn to the classics.

So of course I made it mine as well.

This morning I tried on my plaid ruffle shirt.

To my absolute horror it was the most ill fitting shirt I have ever bought.

Sniff sniff

I bought a medium, when I am really a xs/small in tops, only because it looked super fitted and I wanted a more relaxed look from it.

It was very relaxed and loose everywhere but the sleeves, which felt like I was having my blood pressure taken all the way from my wrists to my shoulders.


The pinstripe on the other hand, was a total score!

Quite oversized, I wore it to work today:

I wore it unbuttoned almost the whole way down with a white cami underneath, layered strands and strands of dainty silver chains, and topped it with a ikat scarf. I wore gray a pleat front slim leg trouser and my pink ballerinas.

I was really loving my ensemble, adjusting myself in the mirror this morning when my 7 year old came walking by and said:

"Oh my god Mom! You totally look like a boy!"

Yay for menswear?

Shirt: Gap (obviously), pants: Ann Taylor Loft, necklaces: Lia Sophia and NY and Company, scarf: Charlotte Russe, shoes: well, I've been wearing them so much I'm sure you remember by now!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Day Frenzy

Why is it that on the last day of, oh let's say, a Friends and Family coupon to Gap brands that I feel like I am going to miss out on something fantastic?

Even though I have gone in the store once a day, every day since Thursday?

I roam about, eyes scrutinizing, looking for that little treasure I (for some reason unknown to myself) fear I will miss?

Is this an illness?

I do it at work all the time too when they give us our extra 15% discount.

Which adds up to a cool 55% off (including any promotions) for us.

The last day I always feel some weird sort of panic that I am forgetting something.

Am I the only one who gets like this?

So, today, I strolled through Gap, Gap Kids, and even Gap Baby (because I have a gorgeous niece now!)

I skipped Banana because I had already checked them out (twice, just in case!) but I really can't seem to find anything I love (or am willing to pay their ticket for) anymore.

Banana kind of sucks to be honest.

And Old Navy?

No thanks.

That place scares me.

It is always jammed with people,messy,and makes me feel like I am buying clothing at BJ's or Costco or whatever wholesale club you may know.


I am more of a boutique type of shopper, the only digging I do is while thrifting, but hell, that really is like a treasure hunt!

Today I wore:

a gray ruffle v-neck sweater tunic, leggings, and doubled up some necklaces.

I've been lazily twisting my hair into buns and wearing headbands again this past week.

Long stretch at work = easy way out hairdos!

My camera battery died after this one pic, but I wore these ballerina flats:

I can't wait to share my other F&F Gap treasures...but I will unveil them as I wear them!

Sweater tunic and leggings: NY & Company, ballerina flats: Etienne Aigner, pendant necklaces: Limited