Wednesday, January 6, 2010

attention: wedding planner needed

i am a typical girl, with dreams of a big fancy wedding....

but now the dream is a reality...and im STRESSED out!

me and matt have been shopping for places on every day off that ive had since christmas,
which is why i havent been a loyal blogger (my appologies).

so far we found two places that we really like...problem is how to choose one.
money is a big factor of is the overall atmosphere.
we're planning for may-july of 2011. we thought we were well ahead of the planning game, but turns out that alot of dates are already booked. which means we need to make a decision pronto!

good news: me and my mama dukes are going to play this weekend and i will try on my first wedding dress!!! i cant wait!!! we are totally not ready to purchase but i am so ready to play...i want to try on every silhouette to see what i like and get an idea of the cost of wedding dresses...with my luck i will love the most expensive dresses. oh well! its once in a lifetime right? BETTER BE!

sorry i wont be able to post any pictures, matt is a follower on here, and i do not want him seeing a damn thing ! haha

until next starting to get the shopping itch, perhaps its best of i scratch it...

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