Friday, January 15, 2010

Best Dressed Mom In The Schoolyard

Yesterday was an errand running, crazy mom-duties sort of day.

Whenever I am off I pick up all the kids on the block from school to help out my neighbor, who helps me every other day of the week by bringing my daughter home.

The weather was so much warmer yesterday, and is supposed to be even better today.

I wore this vintage wool blazer in camel that I thrifted a few months back, and to keep me warm since I am always freezing cold, a nice big cowl neck scarf.

I love layering necklaces under the cowl neck scarf...a little bit of bling without going over the top.

Of course I wear heels 24/7! Even when I am off, I wear heels 99% of the time, and my comfy Enzo boots that are so scuffed with love are probably my favorites.
I think I could run a marathon in those boots.
Or not.

My son still has his snowboard out from when we had the blizzard and he was practicing his "edges" in the backyard.

Now I think it is just a sign for my husband and I to take him to the mountain (we go to Camelback in the Poconos) so we can all snowboard.

We went every weekend we could last winter...and we all love it.

You know what I love even more?


So I am outta here!


  1. Very nice outfit! I love cowl-necks!!! :) Have a great time thrifting...

  2. Really nice and pulled together. It's important to remember that dressing down can still mean dressing up :)

  3. Dina - Besides looking totally fab,I find these cowl necks keep my chest so warm that the rest of me stays warm too!

    Stylestance - I totally agree with you. So many times people forget that regardless of whether or not it should be so, people make an instant decision on who you are based on your appearance. Perception is a reality - so I believe in saving the sweats for workouts and staying in my home...a little effort in dressing goes a long way!

  4. Love the cowl neck scarf and those boots! I am a firm believer in making an effort to look good whenever you leave the house. Casual can still be well put together (like you've shown).

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


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