Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chambray Day

I woke up with 20 minutes to get out the door to work this morning.


Does not bode well for my day...

Luckily, I worked out late last night, so I showered right before I went to bed.
I would normally shower again in the morning, but being so pressed for time, it was a relief that I could bypass something.

I grabbed my new chambray shirt, and just threw on chocolate brown leggings and my suede Coach boots.
No ironing needed...and not much thought involved = perfection!

My necklace from Banana and a big chunky gold bangle and I still accessorized myself.

When I work on weekends, my whole family is still tucked in their beds sleeping away when I leave in the morning.
I don't see them until I get home.

Tonight my husband looked at my necklace with a quizzical look then looked at me with an evil smile.

"Flavor - Flav!!!" he yelled out with great amusement and satisfaction.

Thanks - how many other people thought I was channeling a decrepit rapper today?

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  1. Flavor Flav never once crossed my mind, I swear!


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