Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear JCrew,

Thank you for being pretty consistent in your sizing.

I went out on a limb and blew a $150 gift card on 3 final sale items, and I must say you did not disappoint!

The Wool Ruffle Shift was a heavier wool than I expected, but it feels great!

The Ruffle is really dramatic...I thought maybe it was going to be a chiffon ruffle, but I love that it is in the same wool as the dress.

The overall fit was flattering...

and I could even pull it off with a crisp white button up and wear it to work.

Another timeless piece from you guys...thanks!

I also loved the Silk Taffeta Ruffle Wrap Dress.

The chocolate color was exactly what I had in mind and will look amazing once I cause more damage to my skin and get a glorious tan!

With a big chunky gold necklace and my favorite gold strappy heels, it is definitely a "dressed" up dress...

My husband said "Va-va-voom!" when he saw the top...and I think I said:

"Don't get any ideas mister!"

Or maybe what I said was, "I have a headache?"

I really can't remember,and it is totally beside the point...what I really want to say is that I am in love with both dresses and pleased I got a new pair of crisp white shorts to wear when it is not almost 0 degrees here.

I look forward to giving you lots more of my hard earned money, because like crack and heroin, you have me hooked!


P.S> I am not hooked on crack or heroin for that fact, I simply meant that JCrew has me addicted. To them. Not crack. Or heroin. Oh, for pete's sake...nevermind!


  1. haha... That first dress is insanity on you. I love that ruffle, I must have missed that dress somehow. Eeep!

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  3. Both dresses look fabulous on you. Enjoy!

  4. That wrap dress is great!!! How freakin pretty is that!!! And the ruffle dress fits you perfectly!!!! I recd the ripstop cargos and chiffon ruffle tank and love them! I rarely do a return bc I love jcrew so much!!! I'll follow you over to the crack den (aka jcrew store) for the next hit.

  5. My Final Sale items arrived yesterday and they all fit perfectly, I love their sizing too! The wool ruffle shift looks so good on you (as does the wrap dress). I can't wait to see how it looks paired with a white button up!

  6. Love the dresses on you!! So with the ruffle shift, if you don't mind my asking, how tall are you? and how short was it on you? (looks respectable to me, but can't totally tell from the angle) sorry to be a pest on this - but I am so digging the dress, I have been for too long, but I worry about it being too short. although I guess tights would mitigate the hemline issue a bit.

    And you do look va-va-voom in the wrap dress - just fab!

  7. OMG - I just ordered the wool ruffle dress b/c it looked so good on you. I hope I have the same luck - final sale always scares me.


  8. i LOVEEEEEE that first dress!!

    can we schedule a day of shopping...the 3 shopping ladies? pleaseeeeeeeeeee


  9. First of all thank you all for such positive feedback!

    Heidi - I am only 5'1 (and 1/2!!!) and if I am standing up straight it hits just to the middle of my knee.
    And you're right about tights helping if it is too short...the fabric is a nice flat wool, so you could do pattern or solid with it (I am very fussy with combining textures)

  10. Oh and Little Stephykins?

    I think a day of thrifting is in order - don't I owe you one anyway? ;)

    And I think I am going to do the jewelry swap party in March - so start thinking of who you're inviting!!!


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