Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Friday started extra discount week for the employees at work.

That means a cool 55% off ticket and can be combined with any promotions!!

Sweet, right?

Since I have paid off three credit cards in the past month... and still have a few to go...I knew I must be selective and controlled with any purchasing I do...and pay cash to boot.

So here's what I am loving right now:

This romper in a dark denim wash. Love it Love it Love it. But let's be real for a second. I am 36 years old so the chance if it looking ridiculous on me is pretty good, and even if I can pull it off, how many times I am wearing something like this?
Going to pass on this one.

This ruched side,tye dye tunic. Hate tye dye, but actually love the silhouette of this. Really can only be worn with leggings, but it looks comfy,sexy, and all over a great statement piece.
I just feel like I would wear it once or twice and then next year look at it and say "What the hell was I thinking?!?!?"

Schoolboy blazer in dark denim wash. Has a pinstriped lining not visible in this pic, that is blue and white and totally to die for.
Do I need another "navy" blazer?
Hell's yeah! I bought it today!
Fits amazingly like JCrew's and at $59.95 full ticket...a great deal.
Sidenote: Will never wear with anything like shown in pic. Yuck.

This one speaks for itself.
I love you boyfriend shirt and that is why I made you mine today.

Denim shorts to wear with tights?
These were a great fit, and I have been dying for a pair of denim ones since I have worn the hell out of my wool tweed ones I scored at Gap.
Also became mine today.

Oh, little crop sweater, how I love you as well!
I can't wait to wear you off one shoulder in true Flashdance style...with my pleated harem pants...maybe my Michael Kors shoes...I will probably wear you on Monday you cute little thing,you!

I'll never understand why I am so drawn to the one style of pants that is probably the least flattering. But how I love pleated trousers! Really, I do!
I will try these on, maybe tomorrow.

New pant for the company, this side zipped ankle is amazing!
I adore ankle pants since I am only 5'1 and that means they fit me just right!
And I love the way a side zip flatters the waist and hips.
Trying this one on too.

I bought the blazer,crop sweater,chambray shirt, and shorts today. I feel like I made good choices to freshen up my wardrobe with some new spring items.

Your thoughts?


  1. where do you work? i like the look of the side-zip ankle pant and want to try it. it reminds me of j crew's minnie pant, which i love the look of.

  2. I work for New York and Company. Yes, the side zip is just like the Minnie at a fraction of the price!

  3. im totally getting the romper so dont worry we can share!! x0

  4. I have to try those last pants on myself. I love the look of them! Great choices, I can't wait to see how you style the shorts! I love the Gap ones you have. The romper is sooo darn cute, but I know what you mean about being age appropriate and how many wears you may get out of it. Still, it is such a darn cute piece!

  5. Love the chambray shirt. Now to find a NY&Co somewhere near me...


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